In this Buyers Guide for indoor grow tents, I talk about things to look for when buying a grow tent. I spoke with a grow tent designer and I explain some things that …


  1. I hope this video has helped some of you new to grow tents! Check out my Buyers Guide for LED grow lights here:

    Below are links to recommended grow tents…
    2×2 grow tent-

    2×4 grow tent-

    3×3 grow tent-

    4×4 grow tent-

    5×5 grow tent-

    Thanks for watching! 🙂

  2. great video like always man. what do you think about general hydroponics and biobizz ? Which one do you think is better ? I would really like youre input since you helped me with my led lights before ✌

  3. Would be good to mention that some tents come with plastic corner brackets and they not as strong as metal ones. Definitely need to look for this when you buying new tent

  4. You are basically running an infomercial channel. They clearly sponsored your video so you are giving a completely biased "review". These types of channels should be avoided.

  5. Luv this tent, looking for one! 1st indoor this year ❤️ you give us such great reviews, information to be successful! Thanks for all you do. Trying to choose between Electric Sky 300& HLG 550 V2. Leaning Sky 300
    Cheers ✌️

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