1. it's crazy to think all these people working in the gray area! This is not hemp! this is a CBD PLANT and it marijuana.. Either DEA raids all these farms or the government removes it from their list..

  2. I hope they pass this legislation my wife and Father died from the radiation used to treat cancer… I watch as they shriveled up to nothing…Radiation is an out dated treatment for cancer and used by big pharma for the financial benefit not because they care about people… or even willing to listen…For the few weeks before my wife's death she started using marijuana and I witnessed it for myself,,, she began to get better then they hit her with another round of radiation … I've never seen anyone go through so much suffering Oh,,,God it just rips my heart out….!!! And I blame these crooked politicians and worthless doctors that know the benefits of cannabis and refuse to stand up to the radiation peddlers…!!!

  3. Cool stuff actually happening here in Kentucky? Haha. That's great to hear about his son being much better now, any time I hear an MD say "expect this or that" I just roll my eyes and say "yeah if I do what you say I would expect it."

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