Ask A Budtender: Cures for Being Too High

Now that cannabis is recreational in California, consumers are visiting dispensaries for their very first time, entering a world of weed products like edibles, …


  1. Cure for being too high? I got one for you: Wait. If you’re too high you’re probably a newbie, enjoy the ride because one day you’ll wish you were that high again! As you get older and your tolerance goes back down it still won’t be the same as when you were younger trying it out for the first time.

    Don’t do sugar or caffeine though, they can induce anxiety by getting your mind all worked up, caffeine can do that even when you’re sober. Eating comfort food is a solid choice, anything with melted cheese will make you forget you’re too stoned. A couple beers or any not too strong alcoholic beverage will help one mellow out, don’t drink too much stoned or not though. CBD will help reduce the mild feeling of psychosis that comes with being too high but it won’t make you feel “less high”, you may be less bothered though. If you’re with ppl who care about you, just talk to them and let them know. Nothing to be embarrassed about, anybody who claims they’ve never been too high is either lying to seem like a cannabis king or they don’t even really fuck with it to begin with. Talking will get your mind going on another direction though and before you know it you’ll be right as rain as the peak starts to come down.

    This is all provided you smoked. If you ate too many edibles then uhh, buckle up cause you might still be feeling it the morning after lol.

  2. if you are experiencing bad trip with being too high like high heartbeat or paranoid anxiety you shouldnt smoke sativa dominant strains again, cbd hits with bring u down.. indica dominant strains doesnt do that go with indica and just be stoned and couch locked. Thats more suitable for your metabolism.. But again even the weakest metabolism will get used to being high after smoking everyday just couple of months so u may go easy and train your thc tolerance too.

  3. damn i use to be getting high as a motherfucker off a couple bowl hits with the boys, now i can cruise through almost a quarter ounce a day and just feel buzzed

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