3 Sets Per Exercise Is Killing Your Gains! | HUGE MISTAKE!

Everything you thought you knew about building muscle is wrong. Get ready to have your mind BLOWN and your workouts become more efficient! (6:20)- …


  1. When you say to 3 to 4 working sets with 15 to 20 working sets for those bigger muscle groups that doesn't have to be just one work out would it be okay if that was the weekly volume.

  2. As a beginner, if I want to do 3 exercises triceps for ex each one 6 sets of 10 reps, this means every movement is done 60 times. Doesn't that burn the muscle instead of making it grow bigger?

  3. Sets and Reps or nothing but I reference point… a starting reference point… you have to know if you're doing more or if you're doing less… poundage takes care of itself…. unless you train like an idiot and most people are idiot trainers!

  4. Just a quick question hope someone answers. I've been doing chest/triceps days for a long time, i start with chest, and i usually do 12 sets of chest (6 sets of bench presses, 6 sets of flys) and 12 sets of triceps (4 dips, 4 cable extensions, 4 skulls) That takes about 45/50 minutes, should i change it for more chest sets and less triceps? Thanks

  5. Back:
    5 min steady cardio to warm up.
    Each workout will have a warm up set with half the weight. And then another set to 80% to get the body ready… Once ready… Start counting and lifting for real…
    5 sets of deadlifts
    4 sets of wide grip pull ups
    4 sets of standard pull ups
    4 sets of chin ups
    4 sets of rows
    4 sets of barbell curls
    4 sets of concentration curls
    4 sets of hammer curls
    4 sets of cable bicep curls
    4 sets of weighted abs
    15 min of steady cardio

  6. This cannot be truer. Too many people train like they were professional bodybuilders, most of whom are on steroids. If you are beginner, don't go for 3×8 5 times a week, because you will just burn out within a month or so, and stop working out. Understand your body, and set milestones. If you are 150 lbs, don't train like the Rock.

  7. I beg to differ.
    You can look great, and gain mass, as well as be more defined by doing 3 sets of 10-12 reps..It worked with me, and a friend of mine that does the same exact thing.
    It's easy, shortens workout times, and gives you that real pump. I personally am trying to stay cut, and have some thickness going on, and this rep range does the trick.
    If you are looking to really bulk up, which will stiffen you, stifle you, and basically make you a walking meat head, which is totally fine in my book because I've gone the route before, but it's not fine in a lot of womens book these days.

    Because these days being big is out..people are no longer impressed by that. Especially in this modern era of Femmenism. I. Not saying to appease to them, but it's the perfect medium, being sexy, while still having more muscle than most man, and more definition… This set and rep range is perfect.
    And other benefits are, your body won't strain as much, and won't have all of these shitty injuries/ messed up bodies from all of this super heavy lifting. And you will actually WANT to/be motivated to go lift because it isn't strenuous..

    I remember not looking forward to doing the heavy lifting, I loved the results, but hated the hard work that came with it, while working a full time job.(stocking/truck at that).

  8. Hi Scott, given what you've said in this video, should these exercises be changed out for other exercises after say 4-6 weeks as you've mentioned in your other videos? Or could you alternate between two different programs every 4-6 weeks ?

  9. So just do two, maybe three exercises. Jesus I keep it to two max usually.

    If you're doing 5 or more exercises per muscle, regardless of how many reps you're doing, you're either lifting too light, or you're just going way over on volume.

  10. Scott I have a question so I do 3 sets of 8 reps for bench press and the weigh is 30 and then I do 3 sets of 10 reps for squats with dumbbells and the weight is 25 am I doing this right ? If not how much do you think I should do ?

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