10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Weed Activist

From the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant to explaining when and how exactly weed became a bad word, The Great Legalisation Movement, India’s Viki …


  1. Jigga.I have a huge beard and hair as long as this guy.He’s another wannabe from the streets of Mumbai.I grew my beard and hair as an hobby but these wannabes use it to promote their thinking and it pisses me off.

  2. Oil of Cannabis without one doubt when extracted correctly is a super curative substance. Ironically, America was the place that proof occured during the last two decades.

  3. Ok, yeah, this Indian hippie is aaight I guess, but weed doesn't destroy cancer. Smoke it because it's enjoyable/pain relief, but don't act like it's gods jizz until it's proven.

  4. of course blame always America for your country's faults….fuck you ! im not even American and i dont blame them at all! Blame your country for following the trends of the U.S.now suck a dick and stfu.Wanna call yourself a activist….more like a passivist

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