1. It's time for Texas to put on the big boy pants and do what is right for Texas and Texans make it legal gain funds from it help Texans help our state take money away from the people who actually commit violent crimes over marijuana pot head's no disrespect want peace they don't Rob the corner store for weed money unlike alcoholic who gets drunk snd robs the liquor store for liquor and money lots of people are under the impression pot equals violence that is not true people also believe that if it's legalized than kids will get it that is just ridiculous kids all ready can get it and they do because it's illegal it's cool to break the law people also believe that marijuana is a gate way drug also untrue I've smoked weed over 20 years and I have never went to or tried hard drugs
    That's my CHOICE which everyone has I've met people who have never smoked cannabis but snort cocaine so get the facts from real people who have smoked or do smoke before you start ranting about marijuana is a gate way drug or it kills people the fact is it's a medicine 100 natural god gave us to use to help us unlike the PTSD Man made BS medication man makes cannabis actually works

  2. well lets see 33 other states figured out a way to regulate it…. also if kids are already getting it then legalizing won't do anything. People who want something will find a way to get it.

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