What She's Doing NOW, 10 Years Later, Will SHOCK You! (2019)

Josh and Cody Peck, in their debut video from Peck Bros. Productions, offer ground breaking revelations about the 10 year anniversary of the beginning of the …


  1. Isn’t this the same girl boasting about “loving pizza,” despite being lactose intolerant? Isn’t this the same girl who was ENCOURAGING her young fans to touch her private parts a few years ago while she wore just a bodysuit? I think she has been MK Ultra’d half to death. I hope she makes it back to the Lord.She is certainly talented, but, I happen to know people do some INCREDIBLY SICK things to make the big bucks & success she enjoys. The further they go up the money chain, the more depraved the acts get. She doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. She picked a rather interesting show to quote the Bible on. Oprah is neck deep into the new age. She has had that clown & false prophet, Joel Osteen on her show where the “Christian” pastor told her “he didn’t know,” when she asked him if you needed Jesus to go to heaven. Interesting response. I would think that ANYONE who knew the slightest thing about the Bible would definitely know the CORRECT answer to that question.

  2. Thank you for doing this video in a positive light. Our kids watched Miley and now how she has become a dangerous example for kids and adults who follow her instead of Jesus. Imagine if she were your child. We should pray for her that she changes her ways and turns back to Jesus. What a story and power that would be for the kingdom of God.

  3. I worked in the wardrobe dept I'd her tv show when she first started and was so sad to see her transformation, some odd these tv children's parents want the fame and fortune so badly they basically allow their kids to be taken over by all the pedophiles and creepy sinful underbelly of Hollywood and disney is one of the worst companies to work for, i saw so much I had to leave when i loved my job

  4. Amen, I just felt led and prayed for her earlier today, though of the exact scripture you quoted! So yes, I agree she needs lots of prayers, I believe the LORD revealed unto me years ago this fact and so she needs deliverance from chains of darkness, I pray she certainly needs it!! I pray she come under great conviction as the Holy Spirit deals with, I plead the blood of JESUS over her soul!! LORD have mercy, please bring upon her godly sorrow for her sin, in JESUS mighty name, amen!!

  5. Awesome study & i will pray in agreement thru Yeshua that Miley, her family will have da enemies scales fall from their eyes & they will choose to return to Truth & Love that only Elohim can provide !!!

  6. I highly doubt she was ever a true Christian. It was just an act to go with her show. I'm sure her dad made his illuminati deal to get a hit song way back. Giving his daughter away was probably part of that deal.

  7. Josh, I gotta b honest. I really enjoyed this video. I mean I like the rabbit holes u guide us through but this video while insiteful, was hopeful for Myley. I pray Jesus can use her once again. But as of now, it doesn't look good…. Thanks again and God Bless

  8. Since you are reading the comments, I wanted to make a suggestion. If you could do interactions with some Joe Rogan clips regarding aliens, psychadelics, and other things in your wheelhouse, I think you could get some views from unbelievers and expose them to Christian thinking on these matters. And maybe introduce them to the gospel as well.

  9. I pray for all the celebrities. Poor disillusioned souls all of them. They have access to a huge international platform that could turn both themselves and millions of their fans back to God but sadly the devil has his claws so embedded into their greedy side I doubt they will ever repent. May God have mercy on them. ✝✝✝

  10. Let me be frank, I was not shocked at all whenever Miley Cyrus started becoming a bad influence. my daughter was born about the time that Hannah Montana was created. Somehow I knew what was going to happen. They were going to tout Hannah Montana and push Hannah Montana as a good girl and shove her down everybody's throat and then about the time that all those little girls got up almost growed Hannah Montana would become a bad girl and it was all hoping that her little fans would follow her to hell. I forbade anyone to get my daughter anything by Hannah Montana. She received one thing that had Hannah Montana on it and I returned to the store and got her something else. I knew Miley Cyrus would be used to lead many right into whoredom and drug addiction. Then hellfire.

  11. One of your best video works! I have kept many stars in my prayers as this is what we are to be doing. Amazing how quickly our prayers could be heard, and answered, if all of us sent simultaneous words of salvation to the Father! A prime example of the power in our prayers is the election of president Donald J. Trump.

  12. amen. "Train up your child"……The training that many children get is that if you give a a tip of your hat to God or the church, you can disregard his instructions.

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