1. I've done this: STEP 1 , go to bank get $5,000 in hundred dollar bills … STEP 2, cover bed with hundred dollar bills … Step 3, Wild sex with hundreds sticking to everything … Step 4, Best orgasm ever!

  2. Have you considered that people who aren't aren't outgoing or willing to put on the persona are not a good fit for customer services positions, and that there are other entry level jobs for other temperaments? I ask this, not to be a dick, but because I am an introvert who can force a smile, and when I do I can triple our sales. Whether I like it or not, in market of competing businesses that matters. And we're not all born or honed with identical personalities and skill sets, so why should we all be in the same occupation as a rule, rather than an exception?

    For anyone struggling with customer service, I recommend the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai translation. 😛 Ego-death with a smile makes helping others while they helplessly attempt to demean you a breeze on the dome. ^-^

  3. LOL. The american version with a V8 engine… How in the world you guys get only like a 100k views and someone like that racist fat fuck Jon Tron gets almost 3 million? The world is fucked up.

  4. Jesus christ, that was a weird nostalgic feeling seeing that video. I saw the dolphin video from you guys when I just started high school. I’m finishing freshman year of college now. Insane you guys have been at it for so long.

  5. Come on, it's only been 4 years! You guys look the same just with extra hair and wisdom. Also I remember that episode like it was yesterday. I guess I never realised how many years I have been watching you. Keep up the awesome work.

  6. Fuck Amazon, they are literally crushing mom & pop shops and local businesses. Buy local you decent peeps, you can afford it, plus that money goes back into your local economy, unlike Amazon which goes into shareholders pockets.

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