The fitness project 2018 – Week 11 guideline – Kitchen rules

Any conversation about fitness actually begins from our kitchen. That’s exactly the place from where health, harmony and happiness originate. So without further …


  1. I recently bought cast iron kadhai and cooking every meal in that.After a week or more i suddenly realise that my health is improving .I have pcod,prediebetic,vit D deficiency.I crave for sweet every post meal and end of eating unhealthy.If i like taste of any curry i take double and enjoy eating it.But today i realise my sweet craving gone.I dont feel eating any cookies or cold drink.I am taking less rice and sabji uncounsiously.before when i was hungry my body used to shake ,full of sweat but now its not happening.dont know its just because replacing my cookware.I am not even on any medication .only on folic acid and vit D.

  2. I m using always iron kadhai for cooking …..u r gud but plz try to explain in hindi ….I m not having microwave a.c. ….and people think I m miser…is ac imp for home …

  3. So much important tips! Thanks for reminding and emphasing on these tips. I would love to use iron kadai but i don't know the pre-process to get iron kadai ready to use for cooking. Other tips I follow them well. Thanks!

  4. Excellent.. Thankkyou so much.. Mam after 40 hairfall bahut ho raha hai and weight bhi reduce nahi ho raha, weakness bhi lagti hai… Kaise food le pls batayiye…thanks

  5. Gud infromation ma’am πŸ™πŸΌ
    What you said abt plastic is true. In my state Kerala, it’s banned now and v only get cloth bag or other degradable ones. It was difficult in the beginning because holding a cloth bag filled with ur Groceries during monsoon was quite challenging but now v are all used to this new change. Iron kadai and clay vessels are really gud and it also enhances the taste of Indian fud too.

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