1. Cancer is a criminal money-making racket by the entire cancer industry and cancer societies. Period! It was started by England's Cancer Act in 1939, which made it a criminal offence to claim to treat cancer. At the same time a phenomenal donation of hundreds of millions of £s was given to establish cancer research. Since then every few years the cancer money-making industry announced: "a cancer breakthrough is just around the corner," or words to that effect, and the honest brainwashed public flooded them with ever more donations for their illicit enterprise.
    Many types of cancer can be cured by dietary changes or alternative medical treatment.

  2. I refused beta blockers and statins as they made me feel terrible. I take a blood thinner as that does the job but Drs were trying the usual spiel to get me to take drugs for which I'd have to take more drugs for the side effects.

  3. Talking of hospital food, when I was last in hospital after major surgery, the food was appalling. They had no dairy free alternative!i couldn't believe it. I had to get family to bring food in for me. The meals I saw on offer were very processed. Not a good way to make people get better is it?

  4. For goodness sake Sonia educate yourself before blindly following a conspiracy theory based on confirmation bias.
    (1) Cancer is not a single disease, cancer is a common word describing thousands of different out of control mutations of cells.
    (2) More people die of cancer nowadays because due to life expectancy growing there is also more chance any individual will develop cancer. Quite simply put the longer you live the more chance you have of getting cancer.
    (3)There are no secret cures being hidden for cancer because as mentioned above each of the thousands of different types of cancer will have different causes and scientists have to look at each abnormal mutation type on its own.
    (4)We all develop cancerous cells in our lives, it's just that for most of us our body manages to kill those abnormal cells before rampant out of control reproduction of those cells takes place.

  5. Thanks for making this Sonia. I lost my mum to cancer early last year…then my brother-in-law in November. I tried telling him to look at natural remedies, but they couldn’t see past the mainstream bs. It didn’t help he was paying for private ‘specialists’…they kept giving him more and more aggressive chemo. He died in a few months, leaving my sister and four kids. It’s tragic that otherwise intelligent people just WON’T question the mainstream, even when their life depends on it.

  6. if you find a cure for cancer you are put in prison .they do not want cancer to be cured it is big business for the corporations as stated in this video.people living longer is all bull .i know to many people that have died of cancer in their 20s to 50s .and it is man made .the same with alzeimers .

  7. Never or will I ever have a mammogram. Self checks daily.
    I have skin cancer. 12 years. No chemo. No radiation. I keep ahead of it. Every 3 month checkups. Follow up removals when needed by freezing or small incision. I'm lucky so far. I'm very OCD about keeping healthy.

  8. Sonia, this is a very informative and important film which was gruelling to watch at times but it has opened my eyes to what I already knew in part and if I ever face such an illness as cancer I hope I have the courage to find an alternative route to health and vitality. Thank you for doing what you do.

  9. I heard HRT causes Breast cancer please don't take it watch Dr Barbara'o Neil misty mountain retreat. Medicine should be a choice they were useless with my mum's cancer. Couldn't understand why she refused her last lot of chemo even though she hadn't recovered by the third week of the first treatment. We are at the mercy of corporations who just don't investigate anything they release.

  10. Years ago there was an article called "Cancer Inc." in the Sierra Club Magazine about how people sitting on the boards of Cancer Charities also were on the board of the companies that manufactured the diagnostic machinery like mammograms and scopes and pharmaceutical companies. It's gotten a lot worse. A great book called When Healing Becomes a Crime shows how natural therapies that actually work are rooted out but the AMA.

  11. As someone who went through the concentional treatment for cancer in 2010 – surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – I can honestly say that it has ruined my life. I felt forced into having the treatment because I didn't know any better. I do now and should I be diagnosed again I would not, under any circumstances, have conventional treatment again. Patients deserve to have all options open to them.

  12. A well made,concise documentary,that needs to be watched by all.Perhaps your next documentary could be about the trade in medical cannabis and the huge amounts of money going into the pockets of the same people that would deny the peoples right to choose any alternative treatment.Also much kudos to you for your inclusion of Dr S .Myhill,a brave woman who stood up for us all and won,we would all be a lot better in every sense of the word to have a G.P like her. The message is clear,we eat bad food,we drink bad water,our food is sprayed,our air is contaminated,and hormone disrupters are in our clothes,furniture,paints,you have to wonder,is it all by accident? Who profits?

  13. I think the modern trend for tattoos may be a problem as well as there is some evidence of carcinogens in the inks. Alcohol is also highly carcinogenic. Those are a couple of factors which are often overlooked.

  14. From Gm food to Fluoridated water, to Aluminium, Lithium, Strontium & Barium particles , disguised as ConTrails! They have all bases covered. This is all self inflicted, we have all been guilty, of placing our trust & Authority, in the hands of Parasites & sick individuals. It really is time ppl started to wake up! They have the Cure 'Fact'. But a Patient cured, is a Customer lost. Neither Politician Teacher or Doctors have your interest at heart. Ppl have closed their eyes & imagined for far too long. Get your heads out of the tech they give you to distract you, from what they are doing to us all. Stop vaxxing & flu jabbing yourselves for start. If you are one of those ppl that have fallen for the 'Smart' ironic tech, especially the meteres, you really need to Re-Search. Bottom line, no Government in living memory, has ever passed a Law or Policy, that benefits the Majority. You gve them your Authority, they have abused it & mock you in return. Anarchy = Without Government! Can you honestly say, that a Government that places a 100yr Gagging order, on the MP's involved in the Westminster Paedo ring, the same suits that 'Hear, hear' like some reprobate has any interest in you.. They are mere glove puppets, they are bought & paid for, by the same ppl that run the Economy & Finances. The same ppl, thrown out of over 100 Countries, the ones that act the victim, the ones responsible for the state we find ourselves in.

  15. We don't need to get cancer and if we do we can cure it with no end of natural remedies. It's a scam from the get go. 70 years of cancer research and no cure. Risky screening more likely to give you cancer than anything else, or find precancerous cells, or worse invasive surgery not required. We are just Guinea pigs and a money pit. I did work in healthcare and have done my research.

  16. Sonia, you've started your analyis of "what is ( disease , it matters no what NAME it is GIVEN !)
    'cancer ' , by the same definition as has been followed by 'the medical PROFESSION ' since the 1600s .
    Ie Since the days of cupping and bleeding, based on the notion that : 'There is an alien substance, hiding in the body , which if only 'it' could be let out or killed , would leave the healthy rest of the person cured '.
    Ditto the THEORY ( sic ) of 'cancer ' and all the billions of NAMES , given to sets of SYMPTOMS
    of disease, as if:
    A ) ' To name the symptoms is to understand the condition and so be half way to having cured it !
    B ) to get rid of a SYMPTOM is the definition of cure of the actual disease .

    Secondly you have gone along with the THEORY that :
    'There are substances / organisms which CAUSE disease ' and if only these are avoided or indeed KILLED, the person will not be or become diseased .

    This is nonsense , since whilst its obviously better not to ingest poisons and to eat fresh and non-poisoned foods ……these things are NOT ' THE cause of any particular symptoms or indeed of no disease at all !
    Just as many people have lived to an extremely fit and active old age on eg an exclusive diet of white bread, butter and sugar sandwiches ; people have done the same on 60 cigarettes a day :
    Whilst just as many others have never smoked and /or eaten exclusively fresh produce from the garden , and been crippled by disease or died at 20, 30 and 40 . …

    Ergo : The symptoms of disease are in fact , NOT ' THE disease ' But the body's experienced attempts to get rid of the disease .
    Try to get rid of the SYMPTOMS : and you defeat the body in it's work of keeping disease at bay ; all hope of cure has gone .

    Disease is a SUSCEPTIBILITY, to be harmed BY WHATEVER : The Whatever, of ONE KIND or ANOTHER , will do harm, regardless , while susceptibility is sustained .
    Hence eg. why people with allergies, on avoiding one, otherwise harmless substance, only develop an allergy to more and more otherwise harmless substances, and become ever more susceptible in sensitivity to the substance ( s ) , until only the most minute trace will kill them.

    Hence all 'treatments' killing symptoms, are defeating the body's own defences , driving what would have been survivable even if just left alone , by being contained, kept to the outer system ; instead being driven towards the vital organs , and therefore greater severity and death .

    The symptoms , far from needing to be extinguished , must be stimulated , used to assist the body in its direction of cure .
    Acupuncture and homoeopathy are the only effective and rapid cures of disease for this reason , they stimulate the body's existing efforts , quickly turning the pain of useless effort into the relief of successful effort of the body's own unique knowledge of what IT needs to DO to cure ITSELF.

    It is not treatments that cure, but stimulation of the body's own map of cure, which is the only means of real and complete cure of the whole organism .

  17. Brilliant yet again!! This video deserves to go viral. Perhaps, the powers that be will breakout the cure before the public rips these evil powers apart with bare hands and burn their castles and mansions to the ground…

  18. The importance of good nutrition when sick is vital. Yet it’s another thing being removed by profit & power driven Gov.

    Today on Twitter –


    ‘Embarrassed that my own medical school @KingsCollegeLon @kingsmedicine now offers NO nutrition training for future medics at all apart from some biochemistry. Not surprising medics are ill informed – they dont have a chance – shame’


  19. Brilliant video as usual from you Sonia! Those In control of our world have their fingers in all the pies and have infiltrated everything. Corruption everywhere just so they can get richer. Best wishes

  20. Excellent research in a documentary that explains how this frightening disease is escalating even though billions of pounds are spent to find a cure, and the lack of choice patients have when considering treatment options. Thank you Sonia for all you do, and all you are.

  21. Wonderfully researched, and certainly an eye opener to all of us to what is going on behind the mainstream curtain. Natural remedies are a plague to doctors and those in the medical industry. I've had many disagreements with them about what they say I should take and what i want to take. Wonderful documentary.

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