The biggest cannabis company in the world

Big Weed is already here. The very biggest cannabis companies in the world, Canopy Growth, owns over a dozen brands (like Tweed). Based out of Canada, …


  1. 10k? For what, 2 kilo? Or even one kilo if its not bricked tbh.

    Silly rabbit, black market out played you punks. Comparable quality, established infrastructure, far lower overhead, and a mindless government that mandated pricing far far above street value. You know what your 10k bag of weed means to the street? They can now charge 9k for their bags of the same quality instead of 5k. You people are absurd.

    Not even going into the fact that you literally have no way to differentiate legal from illegally produced pot. You can never and will never be able to compete with the black market thanks to the government sticking its fingers into the pricing.

  2. Why did it have to talk about white people, isn't this racist assuming minories can't make money?

    It is expensive because californa keeps spending their money on useless things like getting rid of mobile homes for the homeless, because it's "dangerous" instead of spending billions on kicking out people, they should build more homes.

  3. Cheaper CBD would make a lot of people happy.
    The healthcare spending would be much lower, if CBD was cheaper and more widely used.
    Society can benefit a lot form the legal form of herbal relief.

  4. WTF was that retarded socialist racist hustling at the end?
    The economies of scale are certainly a tiny fraction of what car manufactoring has, given that weed is literally as easy to grow ergo compete as it's name suggests. No problem can be found in capitalism or some kind of race or gender bs you leftist p of shot.

  5. Never tried weed, always wanted to because it was illegal. Now that it's being legalized, I didn't even think of it during my trip to CA in March. Don't know when it's going to be legal in Germany but won't care that much then since it's just another product as you said.

  6. "…But, it turns out, weed isn't special, it is just another product." mmm, that came out weird, You could say that even food is just another product, but we need it to survive and grandma makes a wonderful chicken rice with it… the experience of the product is what make it special. Yeah, weed was more exclusive and many had a thrill hiding to smoke and buying from illegal dealers, but that part won't be missed. Craft beer is a fine example of how small producers thrive, i am surprised it wasn't mentioned.

  7. Aurora is the biggest, they are in 26 countries and grow substantially more marijuana than anyone else in the world. Canopy is only the biggest by market cap.

  8. I can't do weed at all anymore. Okay by me if you do, though I want you to bear any and every cost if you do. I've always thought that fair. But I don't want Corporate types to control it. Especially uber stoned ones. It should be free and organic. Why does everything have to feed into this wage slave labor system? It's a WEED. Let it grow.

  9. Just like any other business, don't hate the player hate the game. Just be happy that weed is being legalized instead of complaining about the details. You know this has happened to every other industry right? The big players get big and eat the small ones, until only the biggest, most efficient, most innovative and most resourceful people are left. And the price of weed at the end of this whole thing is near zero. I don't care who grows the weed, as long as it's good and cheap. This is capitalism.

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