1. I know Republicans and Democrats and they all think cannabis should be legal for medical or recreational use. The only people who don't seem to agree are the Republican politicians. So, it is really easy for me to figure out who to vote for; Simply NOT Republicans!

  2. It helps in many medical ways!
    BigPharma is Against it because they loose business. It’s proven to help more than causing harm! BigPharma IS only in business to mask our symptoms Not Heal Us!!

  3. big suprise!!!
    All the dead beat dope heads are all for it!!!!
    NOBODY doing drugs can work so these useless deadbeats will simply be welfare cheats till they die!!!!

  4. if its decriminalized, then it's not a crime, and should be legal. tired of seeing my friends, who all work and support families, end up in jail, for sitting on the couch at home high, and not out committing crimes against other people. while alcohol is deadly……

  5. Tobacco rots your body, puts holes in your throat and takes your voice, rots your face off and eventually kills you but you can buy this shit at any store. There is so much that marijuana cruse, cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, seizures, parkinson's disease, alzheimer's, chronic pain, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and so much more. Marijuana has a great industrial use as well, like paper saves trees, clothes, rope and a lot more, Marijuana is a wonderful plant that does so much good for human kind, but if they catch you with it, they will lock you up with the worst of the worst, rapist, child molester, murderers, bank robbers and so on. This is so backward, The majority of Americans see the greatness in Marijuana at 68% wanting legal recreational marijuana. THIS IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, If we are a government of the people, well it is time to let the people rule. STOP THIS COMMUNIST BULL SHIT and let the people rule. 68% is the will of the people!

  6. That's just insane, because look at how well the West Coast is now doing. Their revenue has increased dramatically and along with real estate.. also the crime rate has dropped.. Who's really concerned is the BIG Pharma.. you can't have one thing that does so much on several different problems and health issues..
    #1 it's been proven to help with so many addictions, like opiates and heroin..
    #2.. it has several different health benefits..
    #3 it is way safer than drinking alcohol..
    And I could go on and on.. I've lost so many family and friends due to pain medications and alcohol, but not the first from marijuana..

  7. Even if it is legal look at Colorado or Cali or Seattle they are doing great with legal marijuana man I hate Virgina “oh it will not be good for our society “ how would they even know that

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