1. GG4 and all this bull shit names are nothing else but marketing bull.cannabis in all his varietys has been around for thousands and tousands of years.and allways will be.without tents, lights,chemicals for this and that.
    it grows in allmost every continent.phenotypes this and that.sativa indica .it is all the same plant just growing in different conditions.
    it is all been mixed naturaly with time and weather conditions anyway.
    great cannabis plant is great cannabis plant .no matter what bull shit name some company gave it.
    like your plants i must say.beautifuly done

  2. What you talking about. It could be Gorilla Glue but just a different pheno.. it hasnt got to look like yours… and anyway your 4 wks into flower and your plants dont look very healthy.. your leaves look like your a week in to flush🤣🤣🤣

  3. C'mon man so much hostility to just prove a single point? save the toxicity for other hobbies , growing any sort of plant doesn't have to be combative. As the third party looking at your argument neither one of you are correct. And anyone who watched your video will forget this argument by days end… so why be like that?

  4. I done gorilla glue #4 and mine looked similar but only diffrence is mine went wild and produced loads of leaf and took loadsa defoliation. What i done wrong?

  5. Never mind the haters budfy your killing it in their mafriend.. loads off ppl r saying thay hav gg4 a knw it aswell buddy..but yeh loads ppl sayn thay hav it seed companies seeds arent even real gg4 its a diff pheno as u says buddy…u ever heard off purple gas buddy a got 1 fem seed off it posted from canada to uk av sprouted it but a cant realy find eny info on it mafriend👍👍✌✌✌✌💚

  6. I hate to bother you man, cuz I know ppl prolly ask you all the time. But I want true genetics, so when I grow it, I can actually feel good n be 100% honest with people wen i say “yeah this is the real deal” in actually feel good saying it. But we’re do u get ur seeds or do you get rid of any at all. I love to get something like u got. Thanks man for the video. I jus subbed to ur channel n look forward to watching more videos

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