1. This has been apart apart of their culture for years but if you take this a way from them you will create more harm these people have no access to hospitals or medical care if you want these people to survive or have better living conditions you need to give them crops that they can grow and better access to food and medical markets instead of women journos come from overseas intervene and make their lives worse.

  2. If I could get my hands on some Papavera Somnifera seeds I would definitely be growing a garden of poppies to harvest their milky latex, then dry it and smoke RAW opium everyday!

  3. they used regularry that stuf on times of ancient rome there is nothing specil abou that this is theas substances what is absolute no no what every source of news put warning on but so rare have actual experience with this natural poppy or what ever hats the thing even i dont know that good

  4. Of course it makes them poor and lazy but at least they can cultivate themselves in their field and smoke. What if they smoked heroine and brown sugar. ? The music is too horrible.

  5. Opium has been harvested and used for nearly 4 thousand years. It was never an issue until the British monopolized it then some chemist began isolating its alkaloids. I'm guessing if these men could make a living growing anything but poppys they would. The problem with heavy use is becoming addicted to not one but 47 different alkaloids. Damn nice buzz but I couldn't smoke it every day.

  6. That place looks awesome. Compared to 70% of the cities in the US, this place looks like a non luxurious camp retreat. This is what happens when you allow women to run a whole society. So the only problem is that women are working and making the money and the men are staying home with the kids? Equal rights correct? The females are empowered. They are allowed to work jobs that were exclusively given to men. Way to go feminist. How can I move there?

  7. Always some damm BRITISH wanna be film maker trying make a name for themselves by making a bull shit documentary about people using drugs. People been doing drugs since time began.

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