1. This is White America's chickens coming home to roost, what goes around comes around, cosmic Karma, their generational curse, whatever you want to call it. Whenever the Alphabet Soups put drugs like Crack and guns in the Black communities all across America, nobody cared and even demonized black people who were dying and being thrown into jail. Now the shoe is on the other foot, the tables have turned, and other cliches, etc…This is proof that The Universe is just!!!

  2. Imagine this, never try any drugs?. Very non American …bingo just be scare of drugs any drugs, I was in intensive care for 10 days and they give me pain pills every day for 10 days the side effect i was not able to dispose my s……for 10 days, I ask the nurse explain to me it was a secondary effect, trying any of these drugs will make you a drug addict, listen to what these drug addict.

  3. Yeah this is all just about pain medicine right ?? Pain medication is the Patsy this is all about gemological biological and psychological warfare thrown on us by our own government

  4. Sackler family killings American people with their drugs and make billions of dollars of it afterwards
    then they give that money to their zionist brothers in Israel to kill poor palastines. win win situation. genocide here genocide there.everything is permitted for the 'superior' Jew.
    and then they wonder why people despise them💰💰💰💵💵💵☝️

  5. I wish I had an opportunity to make money like Josh. I don’t do drugs, graduated top of class in college – but I’m trapped in poverty. 100s of applications and I’ve gotten nowhere in life. Sometimes I want to hurt myself bc I can’t escape my reality. Watching this makes me feel worse about my own life.

    I really don’t feel anything for people with all this disposable income who use drugs.

  6. This was all good, but it says nothing about the effects on Cronic Pain patients! These people are suffering, and are made to feel like drug addicts! These people are going through hell right now! I was living a half way normal life, until my long time doctor told me she was afraid to prescribe pain meds anymore and she was weening me off meds i had been takeing for over 20 years. For 8 mos. now I have been living in the worst hell because of it. It has affected my family so much, I have 2 beautiful granddaughters who I have helped raise before starting school, they are now so scared and worried about grandma being in so much pain all of the time! My husband and i, after 45yrs of marriage, have hit rock bottom in our relationship. Thank God he gets to understand and helps around the house! Like tons of other cronic pain patients, just thinking of going through this the rest of my life makes me not want to go through this the rest of my life!!!! So think about the ones who are not getting pain meds anymore we need help!

  7. I think the late comedian George Carlin said it best, when is American going to stop smoking everything, get high on life you may find out is just as fun and a whole lot cheaper!

  8. Sorry, zero sympathy for drug abusers. The medication is needed by many people with some serious health problems. Ill people who obey all laws are suffering because of these criminals

  9. In the UK we take paracetamol and ibuprofen for nearly all pain. In America you seem to be prescribed Opiates for everything from tooth extraction to pain in neck shoulder etc. Its crazy.

  10. Its a CHOICE not a DISEASE. You chose to do it in the first place and continue to keep doing it. I would call that a CHOICE. Leukemia is a DISEASE. Sticking a needle with harmful chemicals into your veins is NOT. Geez

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