Northern Lights Auto Heavy buds. 400w HPS Coco grows. Royal Queen Seeds.Autos Can Yield Heavy. Canna

Northern Lights…Smashing it up! Royal Queen Seeds Amsterdam. The best of the best. Check out my latest monster, Hawaiian Hybrid 60/40, scrog netted, …


  1. Very,Very, NICE.. I never grew anything! Just got the tent together. What Type of Water do u use & at what Ph Level. I guess I need Autos that are forgiving!!! for the Beginner. What do you recommend say for a good "INDICA & SATIVA" BALANCE ? I just want to get into it ND START OUT THE WRIGHT WAY. THANKS BRO

  2. i was at 2022 viewers and i also click at 22 like, wow what a sincronicites im just purchased mine is whell i hope it will be blast to experiance this strain blessings

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