My three hour sojourn on Cannabis resin.

Here I speak about my experience whilst taking Cannabis resin for the first time in twenty odd years. Support this channel or join our community here: …


  1. My dad went to jail for growing plantations of weed at 70 years old. He gave me my first smoke at 13. I hate it. It made me so paranoid its insane. I done enough to know its not for me I like to be in control and my dad is a big loser. Thanks for sharing. I had a orgasm in me pants at a dance club on ectasy. Lol 😂 The music was that good. Or the E.

  2. Pathways. Once you went through the jungle and created the pathways, they will always be there even if you aren’t actually using them. Realizing the paths are there allows one to traverse them almost at will.
    I’ve found that one hit or two clears the brush that clutters the path.

    Glad to hear your self diagnosis on love, I had actually come to the same conclusion that there was an extreme loss that disconnected you from love.

  3. As far as the feeling of love and orgasm within ones body i have experienced that greatly on mdma. MDMA brought me into a different dimension, which i can only describe as pure bliss. The downside to me was it made me want to do it again on a regular basis, because that level of seratonin is not even possible naturally as far as i know, because usually we get seratonin on a really slow release, but more gets released when having sex, or probably when we fall in love, but MDMA or extacy opens the flood gates.

  4. If you've taken a break from cannabis or start to find it boring, mixing with damiana can be a nice change. Damiana + Lion's Tail + Cannabis is the perfect full-spectrum psychedelic smoke, tastes like lemon cinnamon. You can get 2 of these 3 at an herb shop/apothecary, if your town is lucky enough to have one. Damiana makes you feel very pleased, content, open and excited about new ideas – like you just had a nice dinner. Lion's tail removes anxiety in the chest and sharpens your mental and visual clarity. The 3 herbs together is my current favorite mix.

  5. I totally understand the cartoon thing! It looks hand-drawn, and very joyous and funny. When you said they burst into a firework, I've seen the same thing. For me it's usually Amanita Muscaria, cannabis, or hops. Little funny cartoon people that bounce on their heads and then on their butt and then back on their feet and burst into stars while smiling and laughing haha.

  6. I think your experience has to do with the fact that you havent consumed cannabis in years. My brother smoked half a joint a while ago for the first time in 12 years as an experiment, and he had full blown out of body experience, and he also had cartoonish closed eyed visuals. Once i had a kalidascope pattern and a vision of a train going down tracks on a high dose of edibles. Edibles are a totally different ballgame. Lasts many many hours, sometimes 12-24 hours in high doses. One time i was high on edibles and i couldnt move, but then i said to myself "i call upon the power of the universe to get up right now!" and saying that totally gave me a burst of energy. I smoked for many years, but recently i took a break for a month and a half. To me it feels like a meditation lately. It also makes me feel like i have a greater level of love, compassion, empathy, forgivness for myself and all the living things around me. At times it has given me anxiety in the past, but i think that has to do with your setting and the mindset you have before you go into it, just like other psychadlics. People forget it is a psychadelic, it just seems more mild because people have a high tolerance to it.. Ultimately i think it effects everybody a bit differently.

  7. 🍀🚪🕸 green unlocked the door to the "higher energy"s dreamTime
    🌳🗿💭 allowing your self to perceive as you said "not through "eGo" filter
    Blurring the lines to bypass the veil
    Call it "high;pass" instead of overpass skipping the 💭 thoughts that our soul speaks instead of the smaller self

    🌳🗿🤙 great share 🌱🌱🌱🌱🍀🌲🌳

  8. Oh what an interesting video Aaron….. I have done one hell of a lot of weed/hash in my time could could happily smoke anyone under the table so to speak……I've have had vision while high on it though never tried to control them as you did and normally find it hard to remember them especially with the clarity you did, as for the bliss you felt at the end, yep thats pretty much a norm for me as long as I am surrendering to the experience. But what I find most curious and possibly the reason for such intense vision was how you spoke about what was happening in your heart and solar plexus area. Also taking into account the chat we had last night especially towards the end I think it was, when we spoke a little about love. I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see you being so open to it, and not the normal complete rejection and denial that you so often would take.

    A quick side note : Did you know in India charas ( Hash) is used by many holy men as a sacrement ?

    Now what is peaking my curiosity is. Were you possibly experiencing the open/ cleaning of chakras. The heart chakra is called the Anahata and is associated with love, while the solar plexus chakra is called Manipura and is often referred to with personal power and self discovery, also it is associated with the element of fire.

    I'm not trying to say that you had an experience of some kind of chakra activity, but from where I am it holds a lot of curiosity….. Speak to you again soon bud 😉


  9. Thanks for sharing Aaron. I have a difficult time picturing what that unpleasant love thing feels like. A combination of love and orgasm you say? sounds pretty pleasant to me haha! Anyways what do you make of the "love is king" message? Maybe love doesn't need to be romance. Love for me is appreciation/gratefulness which is truly essential.

  10. Less is best..when you smoke rope it automatically ages your mind 10 years and brings pressing matters to bear.
    it also expands your thoughts and brings a whole new meaning to the lyrics..lost in music..indeed. moderation is
    the key. as for the heart feelings ..yeah, but nothing on that kinda level..this must be dmt excursion syndrome 🙂

  11. In 1904 Aleister Crowley said he communicated with a higher intelligence in Egypt in one of the pyramids, called Aiwass. Which declared the law: love is the law love under will. This love had nothing to do with sentimentality tho according to Crowley. Which is what most people call love. Great video Aaron!

  12. Skunk is bad. I had a terrible panic attack smoking it one time, felt like I was going insane too. Natural cannabis which has an equal balance of THC and CBD is better for spiritual/medicinal purposes.

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