1. the funniest part is the nature of the drooling canon fodder that made these idiots famous. If you're a fan of any of these turds any more, you are liquid garbage is a sweatsuit.

  2. Picking on Robert Smith is a no win situation..If you kick his ass, then you "kicked Robert Smiths ass", and no one is going to give you props for it, and you look like a douche. If Robert Smith Kicks your ass, you look like a douche, and a joke. No win.
    Its like beating up on some quadriplegic in a wheel chair holding a colostomy bag. Or getting your ass kicked by one. no win

  3. Who cares about nas and jayz they suck anyway and most Def Kanye beef with taylor Swift? Cmon! Thats like baby bop and tj having a feaud on barney

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