1. I’m in the same boat this kid was in. Living in a prohibition state taking dangerous prescription drugs with awful side effects and I know from my past and using Cannabis that it helps now I’m disabled cannot support myself and have to live with family that will not let illegal substances into their house and it sucks ive suffered for 10 years now and am hoping my state will pass the medical marijuana bill soon

  2. This is amazing! Everyone needs to know about this! It’s going to change the way we view medicine from here on out and I concur with what she said, that cannabis is a viable option. And Colton Tuner is living proof of that.

  3. Good story. Only thing is what about diet ? Contaminated water triggered the inflammation, it could technically happen again ? Crohn's is technically an "incurable" disease as per doctors, so when symptoms come back, you just eat brownies for the next 7 months ? I have Crohn's disease and I have a medical cannabis card but I could only achieve remission for 3 weeks, then my symptoms came back. Hope to hear feedback.

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