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Wanken Farms were short handed in the final days of their harvest so Leg Arms and Hollywood operated their combines to help finish. For more Welker Farms …


  1. I thought my new-to-me Case 2588 was a high end unit lol. Hell, I still have the pull type 1682 for a backup/second combine and I don't mind running it. I swath every acre (30' swather) so a 45' straight cut header looks ridiculously wide to me haha. In Pothole Sloughland Saskatchewan I don't think you'd even want 45' lol.

  2. Hi to you Welker guys. Really good helping your neighbours. I´m a town guy from Germany Ruhr-Gebiet (Area) the former heart of Germanys coale and steel industrie. But our area also has (small farms compared to yours – the bigger ones are in the eastern part of Germany. I liked the International truck rebuild video too. But I don´t like Trump, also he has got german ancestors. – So from my point of view you better didn´t mention him. I preferd Obama-care. And to denie the reason for climate change doesn´t make sense to me also. So you see, what mentioning of that flag made me think of. But It´s your opinion, I got a different, I respect yours.
    Wishing you much fun and nice videos for us from big sky country.
    Oliver, from Ruhr-Gebiet western Germany

  3. as mr.w has said people who live closer to each other physicly dont tend to be acualy close in terms of friend ship
    for example sopose you live in a city or suburb, think "do i know my neighbors at all?"
    in the country while yes you live farther apart you tend to acually know your neighbors on a first name basis

  4. Hello to every one who like watching farming videos, repairing farm equipment and diy… I started my own farming channel I raze boer goats i have smaller farm and am from europe. I need some support to grow it and you are all welcome on my channel, have a nice day. And i give like to owner of this video.

  5. I guess that combine just couldn't cut the mustard! BTW, they're called chickpeas because if you look at one, it looks like a little plucked hen.

  6. I grew up in the country. Spent my youth driving an international… I know child's play.
    But I miss that life. Now, my pleasure is reef fishing on the weekends and hunting in November. I am so jealous of your lives… Thumbs up and a sub to you guys!!!

  7. when the bud & the cart are moving alongside you & you start to unload how can you tell when the cart is full, can you see inside the cart from the combine ?

  8. Interesting video . Just subscribed . I've never seen chickpeas or mustard harvested before. Mostly corn and soybeans around around here. ( east central nebraska )

  9. OK, no soybeans. But what were you doing with Mustard? And what time of year was this? Rainy,
    Cold, dry, ??? This is the most fascinating video yet. Even for a 90 year old. Thank you, Guys!!!

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