Ketamine for depression – A Powerful but Tricky Solution

Ketamine is a very powerful anesthetic drug that’s made it’s way into psychiatry. In this video I talk in detail about how Ketamine is used to treat depression.


  1. I have a question my wife just had a manic episode and our family practitioner put her on cymbalta 30 mg and a month later we upped it to 60 mg. She does good for about a week then has a few days of small episodes almost like she’s rapid cycleing. Any suggestions?

  2. Have you studied about other psychedelics like ayahuasca, psilocybin or LSD including micro dosing. What are your thoughts for psychedelics and bipolar? Do you think psychedelics are promising for bipolar or risky? I was researching psychedelics during my most recent depressive episode and was thinking that it may have been helpful. I am 54 years old and was diagnosed bipolar when I was 50. I have since been on seroquel which gives me great sleep but ideally I’d like to get off my meds. Until age 50 I was not on medication. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

  3. I see you reference it’s use as a street drug. I assume therefore that it’s addicting? Would an incrementally higher dose be required for each bout of depression? I get the impression that it isn’t really a cure. 😕

  4. So this would be a "last resort" type of medication, is that correct? It's not one to likely be suggested if other, less tricky options are still feasible?

  5. Dr. Marks
    Another interesting video but not a drug for me that’s mainly a medication for maintaining sedation for anesthesia intravenously. However ketamine is effective in treating depression and available in a pill form ! As you know I have a degree in pharmacology and is useless ! How about some more videos new medications for bipolar disorder like the new one Vraylar ?
    General repair

  6. Hi, I have been so so interested in these new treatments. We are having studies done where I live. I missed the chance to get the ketamine study, and since developed high blood pressure out of the blue, so that I understand would disqualify me. However, I now want to try the other one-Psylosibine. Mushrooms-Legal in Oregon where no pharmacy needed, they grow in the cow pasture. But if it Truely works, it would be worth a move to ORE for treatment as I suffer from serious suicidal ideation and was very close a few weeks ago. After years of trying everything under the sun minus ETC, this would be worth it. Thoughts on mushrooms?

  7. Great news! I hope it stays well controlled.. Veterinary grade ketamine is already being abused as a street drug, and the narrow therapeutic window makes it somewhat dangerous (although probably not addictive?)

  8. Does this drug treat bipolar depression? I've tried a lot of antidepressants in the past with no success. I've been on wellbutrin for a few years now because it has the least amount of side effects but my depression never went away.

  9. Does ketamine, or rather esketamine, have any known major interactions? I learned after the fact that one of my medications (though not an MAOI) could interact with the dextromorphan common in many cough syrups with the potential to develop into serotonin syndrome. Since my understanding of dextromorphan is that it is also a dissociative NMDA, could esketamine also have the risk of serotonin syndrome?

  10. Thank you for putting in so much time for your videos. I have been in a clinical trial of Ketemine for over a year. Still have to work on depression but it has helped with suicidal issues. It is like any other treatment. Works for some but not everyone. Scheduling is difficult do to not being able to drive and fatigue the next day or 2. I have been lucky to have met people who lives may have been saved by Ketemine, mine included. Now the hard part living. 🙂

  11. If we had more doctors like you we would be in a better place. Being knowledgeable of what is going on individualy is key. Many diagnosis and we are all different in the response to treatments.

  12. As I hear it Dr. Marks. It takes a student two weeks to get an appointment with a mental health counselor on campus. How would you identify the problem and come up with a solution ❓

  13. I'd actually completely forgotten that today was Wednesday until I saw the video notification! Great video and very informative as usual, Dr. Marks! I especially liked the newsflash part 😁

  14. I have heard of ketamine but didnt know much about it at all. I think it's awesome for those that it helps with treatment resistant depression. Thank you for this very informative video and I totally learned something new today.

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