Jordan Peterson Feeds the Cocaine Monster

Peterson discusses the science behind addiction and why you shouldn’t practice being the person you don’t want to be. From Biblical Lecture XIV – full video …


  1. This sounds like another way of explaining how we develop habits in general – if we make enough conscious decisions to do particular thing (whatever that thing may be), it informs our subconscious mind which then makes it an automatic behaviour. It's like how your subconscious takes over motor control when you're learning to drive or play an instrument or play a sport, if you consciously practice something enough times eventually it gets embedded into your subconscious and becomes automatic. So the same principles of practicing an instrument scarily apply to if you practice bad practices i.e. before you know it you're an expert drug abuser/binge eater/alcoholic through the exact same mechanisms as someone becoming an expert musician/athlete/gamer etc. All it takes is practice.

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