Japanese Tea Garden San Antonio Texas & Changing Domicile to Texas

Japanese Tea Garden San Antonio Texas & Changing Domicile to Texas // I visited the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio Texas, also called a Chinese Tea …


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  2. So fun to see you drive to the Katy Buccee's…. sure wish I could've met you (live just a mile or so from there and was in there just the other day!). Welcome back to TX – I'm sure enjoying your videos!!

  3. I have have the G85 also and am glad this gimbal works. I've been thinking about getting it also. I have a gimbal for my GoPro 7. The GoPro has fantastic image stabilization, but having a gimbal adds a kind of control that's had to achieve otherwise.

  4. Thanks for showing us that huge truckstop Bucees. Your Grama would be so proud to see you out there doin your thing. You have beautiful skin , you l’il Texan! I was thinkin about Florida domicile, as a senior, i heard it might be best for me. But i love TX, so we shall see.

  5. Hey, Amber. I noticed in the last several videos that your skills were definitely improving…..way to go! Of course, I always enjoy the music you select as well. Did you already have the Texas meet-up? Darn, if I missed it.

  6. I love your videos! Such amazing quality, I feel like I'm watching the travel channel. Beautifully executed footage of the Japanese Tea Gardens, cool info on Bucees and interesting facts about Texas. PS your complexion is flawless! 👍 🌟 💜

  7. Hey Amber….love the footage of your visit to the garden….very well done. We always try to visit botanical gardens on our travels and we'll have to make sure that we visit that garden in San Antonio. BTW….I always air dry my hair! 😎

  8. That garden was fantastic. Loved the stonework. Calif requires 2 plates too. Maybe you can get an engraved license plate frame to replace your custom plate. 🙁 Bummer. Don't freeze.

  9. Welcome (back to) Texas! Native Texan here, born in Austin, and my Dad was from San Antonio. So I really enjoyed the footage from the Japanese gardens there. There is also a very nice, albeit smaller, Japanese garden in Zilker Park in Austin. If you're headed north, check out the camping at Inks Lake State Park near Burnet, TX. Beautiful park, nice facilities (many of which have been recently renovated).

  10. My sister lives in the Dallas area and when I was there last year, we went by a Buck-ee's. Next time, I'm asking her to take me there!
    If I ever go nomad, I can use my sister's address, hey!
    I lived in Florida for 4-1/2 years and I was very happy to move to the Denver area. As beautiful as Florida is, it's too freakin' hot! I never spent much time outside because of the humidity. I was getting up at 4:15 AM to run because that was the coolest time of day! There's nothing sane about any of that!!
    We actually had a blizzard yesterday here! While I love the snow, everyone else is super ready for Spring. I'm ready for it to get warmer so I can sit out on my porch in the evenings. Something I could never do in Florida!

  11. Awesome and beautiful – with hair styling or without! Oh yes… the gardens were nice too! 🙂
    Every time we've been to the gardens, it was raining, cloudy, or both. At least I got to see it through your eyes!
    And I'm still kicking myself for not being in Houston when you were… I so wanted to meet you and see that van of yours! Someday… someday… I'm sitting outside of my house in the back porch… just rained so a little humid but warm (I love warm… and hot… and boiling!). Next time you are around, maybe we will be too! You're always welcome. Come meet the family and the dog and… oh yes… no van yet. *sigh*. Someday… someday…

  12. I’m interested in knowing more about the nationwide health insurance plan Texas has. Did you find it through the ACA exchanges? Can you give us a bit more info on that? I retire in a year and my only concern is finding health insurance (as I will not be old enough for Medicare yet). Mainly prescription coverage. Thanks in advance for any info you can share.

  13. I too, would like to know the process of taking on Texas as my domicile state. California raised, but I can’t get out of here fast enough… Thanks for any suggestions –

  14. BTW I'm a TX resident too.
    Live in Houston vicinity using my sisters address for mail in Conroe.

    Drive a truck regionally in TX.
    When in town I'm split living in my truck and my Ford E250 van I'm converting to my 2nd home.

  15. hi I was wondering about taking video in public places and stores. Do you have to ask permission first or get disclaimers from people before you video and post them on youtube? You do make some money because of the videos so do you have any legal issues to deal with?

  16. I had to laugh when you said you got a camera gimbal. I hope that is how you spell it. Anyway, I was thinking that your photography had really come a long way since I started watching your channel. LOL! No, I don't think it was bad before but it was very noticeable improvement in this video. Good for you! Loved what you shared about your domicile change, too.

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