I quit smoking / Anxiety update

Hi everyone! After telling you I quit smocking a few weeks ago, I received a lot of questions from you guys. So I decided to make a video about it and sharing my …


  1. Peut-être que cette information peut t'aider à gérer ton anxiété.
    Je pratique le yoga mais surtout le kundalini yoga. C'est une pratique qui parait chelou au départ (mouvements très répétitifs, gens en blanc, hyper-ventilation, exercices très intenses….) mais elle est reconnue pour aider contre l'anxiété, pour reprendre confiance en sa propre puissance, pour connecter avec l'univers… Je sais que beaucoup de gens dans mes cours y sont venus lors de changements dans leur vie, de remise en question, d'addiction et de panique et que cela les a beaucoup aidé. Si tu as l'occasion de tester la kundalini, cela pourrait être un bon 'tool' pour toi.
    je n'ai pas d'action dans ce yoga mais je suis hyper fan et ça m'a ouvert des horizons nouveaux.
    Bon courage dans ton chemin vers le mieux être.

  2. same experience for me. I did not also plan to quit however it reached to the point that smoking in itself did not calm me down. I had full blown panic attack

  3. This was interesting for me to watch because my smoking and anxiety were definitely related too. I didn't even really know I had anxiety, because I think every time I started to feel it, I would just go out and have a cigarette. And that would calm me down. Then I also quit smoking without really meaning to, I had oral surgery and wasn't supposed to smoke afterwards for the healing process, so I just ended up quitting.
    After that I started having really bad panic attacks, and I didn't even know what they were, I thought maybe I was dying! I felt suffocated, like my throat was closing in and the air was being pushed out of my lungs, then I would start to hyperventilate, and my hands would cramp up so tight to where I couldn't use them anymore and my feet until the muscles in my whole body would start cramping really bad, and I would be shaking, sweating, heart racing, etc. I was terrified and ended up going to the ER twice, the first time they ran a bunch of tests and didn't talk about anxiety at all, and the second time they told me it was a panic attack.
    I got some medication I can take as needed if I start to feel another panic attack coming on, or just anxiety in general, but also since then I found that I had to quit drinking alcohol and drinking coffee because they were both making it a lot worse. I've been trying to exercise a lot more too, unfortunately it hasn't been every day, but I will try more now after watching this. I'll also check out that book. The medication helps a lot but I don't want to have to rely on it forever. Best of luck on your journey, I hope your anxiety situation keeps improving and you're able to keep making steps to do everything you can for it! <3

  4. Hi Andrea! I've been following you for a few years via IG and appreciate your vulnerability as you've moved into making videos. I started having panic attacks two summers ago and I also found exercise to be the biggest reliever of my anxiety. Thank you for the reminder to listen to ourselves and our bodies and start prioritizing our health. Happy 2019!

  5. Thanks for posting this Andrea. I remember your previous vid on panic attacks. I'm glad to see you quit smoking too. I actually had a bad panic attack recently. I know the reason why for mine but it's definitely important to get exhausted and put our energy into positive things. Good luck this new year. Keep making videos. <3

  6. Dear Andrea, The first part of solving a problem is to recognize that there is one. Thank you for talking about how you are overcoming anxiety, you are helping many including yourself. Thank you for sharing your solutions.

  7. Hello Andrea:
    Congratulations on your quit. You touched on quite a few important topics here in your video that I have resource materials for. I am going to attach them pretty much in the order that you first raise specific topics. The last couple of pages I am going to attach will be covering relapse prevention strategies to help you keep this quit strong and secure. Those pages you should go through slowly, maybe doing one or two links a week. That way you can keep yourself reinforced for months or longer. If you have any questions regarding smoking or quitting please don't hesitate to get in touch. Hope you find these resources helpful.

  8. I feel identified with you because I’d live with anxiety since I was 19, now I am 29 and smoking was the trigger for this, the last time I tried to quit I suffered the biggest panic attack I have ever had and that made me smoke again. I know now that only people who have anxiety fully understand how difficult it is and how it change your life, we plan everything, it takes us a lote of time to take big decisions and we are really different in so many ways to other people just because we have anxiety. I started using CBD on a vaper a month ago when I was very anxious at night and it improves mi sleeping time. Thank for sharing you story I’m sure everyone with anxiety here feel happy to know that there are more people who go through this. Sorry for my bad English.
    Greetings from 🇲🇽 Mexico

  9. Congrats for your new office and for stopping the cigarette! And Happy New Year! 😀

    I used to have spasmophilie attacks, like what you're describing. it could happen anywhere and sometimes was so strong that I would end up vomiting or passing out. Once it was really strong and so painful I though I was having a heart problem 😀

     I also stopped smoking (and drinking and smoking other "things") because of panic attacks, but I planned it and just stopped. It wasn't a struggle, because whenever I thought about smoking, I would just tell myself "well, I don't smoke any more so.. I just won't smoke"^^ ( you know like if you feel like smoking in a plane where you still have 10h of flight and well you have the choice of letting go of the feeling f "want" and be fine or you can choose to stress and feel terrible by fighting the need) and that was it.
    I didn't have to quite the habits that people create with smoking, like café-clope (for me it was tea). I would just dissociate it from cigarette. As if cigarette never existed in my life before. Not fighting it, just letting go of the habit and creating a new one.
    Talking about creating new habits : Have you even listened or read things about the work of Marisa Peer?
    She's doing what she calls "rapid transformational therapy" and it's something to reprogram your subconscious and to let go of old damaging patterns (emotional habits: like having anxiety or having a bad/distorted vision of ourself – or physical "programs": like smoking, eating disorders, alcohol…etc.). If you don't know her, you could watch some of her videos on youtube. don't just watch one, but a few to really get the concepts and see if it could help you in anyway. 🙂

  10. Thank you for sharing your story! It’s not easy to talk about things that are so difficult to explain even to yourself. Thank you for recommending the book, I will definitely read it. I’ve had a bit of fall back with my anxiety and couldn’t agree more – healthy food and exercise help so much!!! Have a lovely year Andrea ❤️❤️❤️

  11. I am so happy that you are being so honest and vulnerable with sharing your story. I have sent your videos to some of my friends that struggle with anxiety and it has helped them 😊 I hope you have a great 2019!

  12. Very good video, buddy! 💕 Selective mutism and anxiety is very hard, but we are heroes to live such lives! 💪 Newer give up, you're not alone and please watch my Selective Mutism video to have some company! 💙💕

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