How To Win ARENA Games More Frequently On Fortnite! (Ranked Mode) | GET MORE POINTS

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  1. I Got You Von 😉

    Console Players Best Edit Resets And Binds For Both Non-Claw and Claw

    Non-Claw Players:
    Edit: Left Thumbstick
    R1: Select
    L1: Reset
    Jump – Right Thumbstick

    Edit: Touchpad
    R1: Select
    L1: Reset

    Claw Players:
    Edit: Triangle
    Select: L2
    Reset: L1
    Jump: Whatever is comfortable

    Dragon Claw:
    Edit: Right D pad
    R1: Select
    R2: Reset
    Jump: Left Thumbstick

  2. thanks for the tips climbed nearly 100 points in a day im now at 193 if anyone would like to play with me my xbox gamertag is Hellish potato and my epic account is the same im also an EU player looking for a duo team mate

  3. Bow is important cause if someone uses a ball just shoot him it will deal damage through the ball. Heavy sniper is also important try to get enemies walls and edit and pump them. My fortnite gamer tag is FrogmentYT. I’m 277 points btw

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