How To Quit Drugs – 3 Keys to Transform – My Story

How to Quit Drugs, 3 Keys to Transform – My Story // This Is How I Beat Drugs and Alcohol WITHOUT Rehab, or NA/AA. It is ALL about THESE 3 KEYS!


  1. The part I love about AA is that Bill Wilson received the details of the 12 Steps through spirit dictation. They don't teach you that in the rooms. Narcotics Anonymous helped me get clean but I had to leave after 7yrs when I started going deeper down the rabbit hole of my spiritual awakening. I was seeing the spirits of addicts who've died in meetings. Try mentioning we're immortal spiritual beings living a temporary human experience in a meeting. It doesn't go over well.🐘

  2. Spent 17 years as an addict as well. My transformation was a beautiful, very hard, but a strengthening one. This is what the book I’m writing is about. It’s so inspirational to hear someone else talk about what I’ve been thru in the exact same way. Much love man. Thank you 🙏🏼

  3. I was on numerous drugs from 16 to my late twenties….I stopped on my own, I still have a drink when I want but I'm not putting a twelve pack down every night anymore so yes its definitely possible. I turn 33 on april 2nd 😁

  4. I too started using at 11.. Im 25 this year & for the past 8 yrs Ive been living on heroin's terms.
    As long as I can remember Ive struggled with insomnia, night terrors, sleep paralysis & encounters with what Ive thought to be entities/shadow ppl..
    When I was younger I remember having this overwhelming fear that I would become a homeless junkie – before I had ever tried any substances or even knew what a junkie was – then I found opiates and I was finally able to sleep peacefully. Pot helped during the few times I was "sober" but eventually it stopped sedating me and Id relapse.. ive had tons of therapy (although I wasnt ready for it then) so Ive been lucky enough to be introduced to meditation.. practice lucid dreaming & try astral projection.
    About 2 years ago I felt a pull to revisit the spiritual practices & philosophies I was interested in (& forgot about) as a young teenager. Ive watched tons of Bridgette's, Teal's & Ralph's vids – amoung many others (Kelly Ann Maddox really speaks to me as I see the craft being the most satisfying and stimulating outlet to express & manifest) so I feel like if I can get to the other side of this pergatory & establish my practices and begin healing i wont ever need dope again.. but right here, right now Im stuck & struggling to find any amount of courage to kick. I dont want to live like this anymore.. theres so much I want to experience & learn.. I dont want to be embarassed, ashamed and guilty for existing anymore. Thank you for your time and inspiration, it gives me hope.

  5. Thank you, right on, Dude! That's how I did it, too! Got a lot from AA, but there was always something missing…until Spirit came knocking loudly and the obsession was removed. 🙏😇💖

  6. Well done Patrick, on many levels. Choosing transformation, awesome…Thank you for doing your work and opening channels for others to do the same! Sending you LOVE & appreciation!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story. You gave me hope for my son. He is an addict. He has been doing heavy narcotics for the last few years. He’s been in and out of rehabs. He’s struggling but keeps trying so I am proud of that. He walked away from his last rehab a few weeks ago and I have not heard from him.
    All I can do is pray and visualize white light around him for safety. He’s strong but does not realize it. I pray one day he makes the decision to stop doing drugs, finds self-love, and transforms to a healthier and better him! Again, thank you for sharing your experience. I needed to hear this!

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