How The DCCC Props Up Corporate Democrats And Squashes Progressives

“It turned out the Democratic Party had other ideas — or, at least, it had an old idea. As is happening in races across the country, party leaders in Washington …


  1. And the only way to stop this garbage? DO NOT VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS. Even if Hillary was better on policy, Stein had a 0% change of winning etc. If. you. vote. for. the. establishment. candidate they will continue pushing establishment candidates. BREAK THE SYSTEM.

  2. So, don't vote for anyone endorsed by Blue Dogs or DCCC, got it. Let's just all vote Green in 2020 if Bernie not on ballot for some reason. I'm worried for his safety!

  3. Jimmy!
    So, should we vote for the person with the least money and exposure b/c that tells us they are being suppressed? We have a big problem in Wisconsin's 1st for Paul Ryan's seat. There are several on the left and if we don't consolidate behind one candidate then we run the risk of a split vote, and end up with Ryan if he's running again or some other GOP-er.

    You should do us a favor and interview these people again, or do some digging into their pasts to find out what ties they have!
    Or ask TYT's "investigative reporters."

  4. If conservatives really hated democrats, they would vote progressive. The dems would all get fired, as Jimmy just said. Hey, Bernie 2020, conservatives. Fire all of the democratic "leadership".

  5. I like it when Jimmy is on point and not being a Putin apologist. Cenk and Jimmy keep going after the corporate corrupt democrats. Also another reason why citizens united needs to be overturned.

  6. Trump's approval rating is now at 49%. The funny thing is, the polls never showed this until the SOTU speech got a 75% approval. I think they started to figure out that Trump was more popular than the biased polls would indicate. They have the pollsters ask the questions in a way to get the result they want. They are now seeing rising wages and many companies like Walmart and Wells Fargo are now giving 15 bucks an hour starting wage to all employees. I personally think Trump would work a lot better with progressives than he would old guard establishment Republicans. I'm a populist conservative and Trump doesn't want to expand on Obama's legacy of bombing the shit out of countries like Libya and Syria and creating huge refugee crises.

  7. It's called a "Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie" for a reason. The Capitalist State preserves the interests of the capitalist class. The working class have to take power and overthrow capitalism altogether.

  8. Last I checked to be a progressive you would actually want progress in the US, not committing racism towards one race, whining about the president, and denying economics in support of socialism, silly Turds.

  9. This is why our country goes downhill because of the Democratic or greedy money hungry War idiots. They don't care if they kill innocent civilians Americans vets or even our allies that help us out from other countries. They go for all the people that have money and they make money off of us dying they are evil

  10. February 4 2018 there is footage of a girl getting raped by a cop in new york, I dont have the power to help her but I know u do… Please make it a story and get justice for this 17yr Iv been watching your videos everyday for over 6 years now and I haven't asked for anything just please do her a solid Phil and really cover this story.

  11. I do t understand why the American people can be bought by campaign money… you needs some money for a website and to make you visible, but no more than that. But it’s all a big tv show for them, throw a party and they show up and vote…. the people get what they deserve.

  12. Cenk will take the current low view count on this video as vindication of his pay wall for AP, but in fact the minority report always deserve the first hearing. If TYT wants to diversify, they will bring Jimmy or AP onto the main show or page again.

  13. Don't overlook that James Thompson apparently said that DCCC runs a protection racket. They will tell their dead-end voters to vote for a candidate ONLY if the candidate raises his own money and hands 75% of it to chums of the DCCC. Moreover, since the republic party is comprised of even more fanatical and inhuman businessmen, I can only wonder what money-grabbing scams they are running.

  14. If a candidate takes corporate money I will not vote for that candidate.
    By taking money the candidate agrees to respond to the requests of the donor.
    By taking corporate money the candidate agrees to respond to the requests of the corporation.

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