How Portugal Successfully Tackled Its Drug Crisis

Does the answer to B.C.’s overdose crisis lie in Portugal? Click here for the full story: »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more …


  1. So they change one drug (heroin) for another (methadone). My husband used to be an addict for 17 years of his life. And he told me that methadone is just as bad as heroin, its just cheaper and easier for society to deal with a Methadone addict than a heroin addict. God was the One that set my husband free. I was married to him for 32 years and he NEVER ever touched drugs. He met the Lord before he married me and swore he would never do drugs again and kept his promise. Drugs did affect his liver though and he died of liver disease at the age of 70. He was a wonderful human being.

  2. This is great except how much does it increase drug use?

    I think this would be much better if the “values found in small acts” that they talked about would be addressed to teens in Portugal so the “reported drug use increase” wouldn’t be there in the first place because they would be teaching what they’re teaching to these adults to teenagers

  3. Lots of friends lost in the 90's and beyond! I'm alive cause of this social commitment by all society in Portugal. I'm thankful for that. I have a great example to my sons and i'm proud to be Portuguese. Just sad for right wing cuts on social help. Thank God we are Socialists.

  4. Abput time qwe stopped calling drug users and addicts "junkies" , and started treating them like human beings. Portugal, your humanity is to be admired and respected.

  5. You are comparing Portugal and their successful heroin treatment programs, with major cities in Canada, where fentanyl is rampant. You can't do that! You can't compare the use of heroin with fentanyl/carfentanyl, which is 50/5,000 times stronger than heroin. There is no basis for the Portugal position. By comparison, Portugal doesn't have a drug overdose problem.

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