How do DRUGS and DRUG TEST work on the Cruise ship? SHIPLIFE! EP-11

Have you ever wondered what the protocol is on the cruise ship as a crew member when it comes to Drugs and Drug Test? Find out here on Today’s Episode of …


  1. Which company do you work for? I guess I got lucky with both of mine – german TUI cruises Mein Schiff and RCL Celebrity Cruises, no random drug/alcohol tests. The only case when they make you take a test is if you do something really really stupid like injure yourself or get in a fight etc.

  2. When I was coming back from a cruise they arrested a crew member who worked on the lower part of the ship and cleaning, he had some secured under the boat and he ended up in a jail in Honduras

  3. I know they check employees rooms randomly since I worked on the POA. On the other hand, I didn’t know they check guest rooms randomly too. When I was on the Getaway last November, they randomly checked my room with a drug dog right at 3 in the morning. It was right when we pulled into Miami. I was so shocked. Two weeks ago I did the Epic and then I went straight to the Getaway that next Sunday. Next Sunday I am back on the Getaway for 7 days. I love me some NCL. Amazing video as always🙋🏾‍♀️

  4. Bro, you reckon you have to go through a drug test as soon as you start your contact and you are onboard? Say i go in during the morning and in the afternoon I'll have to take one? Cause i did the one after i got hired amd it was fine but i didn't embark yet and i wonder if they'll make me take one as soon as i get there

  5. And question?… what if you are just joining Carnival for the first time but you come from a state that it is legal to smoke marijuana in how would they go about that? Because obviously weed can stay in your system for an extensive period of time that doesn't mean they just smoked it. Omg just make it legal geesh 🤦🤦

  6. My girl got caught with a gram of weed when we got back from Jamaica and they gave her a $500 fine to be paid within a year and sign a promissory note that she would pay it within that year needless to say she didn't pay it for like 3 years

  7. I love your ship life videos, it is my dream to work on cruise ships. I am going to go to university and my course works with Carnival. So this series is amazing, I want to work in entertainment. It is called the fun squad in carnival and then hopefully cruise director one day. Thank you for going into different subjects which you wouldn't normally know details about.

  8. Can you do a video on how and why you came to be employed on a ship? Like did a friend tell you about it? Was it just an open audition? How long before did you apply? Was it a difficult decision to leave you family and friends for 6 months? Etc, etc.

  9. “Weed” is NOT in the process of being legalized. I am from Colorado and, although you can buy weed legally (right now) on a retail basis you cannot buy “weed” in every County or City. You certainly cannot use weed and stay employed if your employer says you cannot smoke it. AT ANYTIME. If you are drug tested and THC shows up in your test you are subject to be fired immediately. One owner of a large company had a meeting within his entire company and said he could care less if “weed” was voted in or not. He was not going to allow his employees to smoke weed and be employed at his company. He did “hair follicle” tests once a year and did random urine drug tests as necessary. I lived in a City in Florida that banned TOBACCO in any form to include cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, or any other form of tobacco. They gave all of their employees that used tobacco in any form nine months to stop. If they needed help it would be provided at City expense if you asked for it. After 9 months they tested ALL City employees and if it came back positive for TOBACCO you were fired immediately. The City was sued and they won because they said they were allowed to ban tobacco in ANY form to save on the City’s health insurance and the Courts agreed. So do not be led into the idea that you can smoke “weed” if a law is passed making it legal. It takes about 6 weeks to metabolize out of your system and if your employer says NO WEED at ANY time and you test dirty then you will be fired.

  10. Monday is a good day, Sunday evening would be cool too. Have you heard of passengers getting caught with weed? I heard sometimes passengers sneak weed on in carry ons. Let us know about your Tampa events, I live here too and wouldn't mind checking it out!

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