Healthiest Raw Rice You Can Eat + More from Natural Products Expo West 2019 Review

John from shares with you his favorite products from Natural Products Expo West 2019 the Largest Trade Show for the Health Food …


  1. 00:25 My thoughts about the Natural Products Expo
    06:10 What it looks like inside the Expo
    06:45 Be a producer instead of a consumer
    07:36 The Patch – fully compostable bandage
    Learn more at:
    14:29 Bhoomi Sugar Cane Juice and Juicing Sugar Cane
    Learn more at
    17:!5 How much Sugar is in Sugar Cane Juice
    19:08 Juicing Sugar Cane with a $200 cheap juicer
    25:54 Jasberry – Healthiest Rice in the World
    30:00 Really Raw Rice
    31:22 Can You Eat Rice Raw?
    Learn more at
    38:20 Best CBD Product
    39:30 Hemp Elixir Juice
    45:48 Aronia Berry – Sawmill Hollow Farm
    Lear more at:
    48:00 Nephure- Oxalate Reducing Enzyne that makes nutrients more available
    Learn more at:
    52:15 Process your own foods at home: Juicing, Blending, Sprouting, etc
    Learn more and purchase at
    52:45 Shine Juicer
    Learn more at
    53:30 Green Star Pro
    Learn more at
    54:44 Sedona Supreme Dehydrator
    Learn more at
    55:45 Dynapro Vacuum Blender
    Learn more at
    57:17 Fresh Life 3000 Sprouter
    Learn more at
    1:00:00 Summary of the Expo West Trade Show 2019

  2. I appreciate your keeping us informed about the vegan world. However, I'm fine with your not making a video about all the packaged vegan food, as you have described them as unhealthy and inadvisable.

  3. John is very smart and has always great information than any other youtuber. Always looking forward to the new video. Because all the videos are very exiting. And John is very honest about all the reviews. Thank you John

  4. I always learn valuable info & tips from your videos, especially when you go to the Expos. Thank you John for taking the time & making the effort to bring us this content. Two thumbs up for Okraw!!

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