Family Flourishing on a 1/4-acre Permaculture Plot – Creatures of Place

Creatures of Place is an insight into the wonderful world of Artist as Family: Meg Ulman, Patrick Jones, and their youngest son, Woody. Living on a 1/4-acre …


  1. How these people live is exactly how most people live here on Madeira island. We have been privileged to join them after our retirement but do not have any land to farm regretfully. It's a very "real" kind of life.

  2. From what I can see these folks have set up a vital life that they can enjoy. This is important and I'm grateful you put this out to cover the lifestyle aspect of how people can set up a happy existence in this way. Thank you!

  3. It was videos like this that made me realize. I don't want to be rich, have fancy cars and spend uselessly. I just want to be able to wake up when I want to, do what I love to do, explore the world, connect with others and help the world whenever I can, and found many people who share the same sentiment. I think the majority of us don't want to be rich, we want to be free.

  4. Pretty cool. I give them props for putting in the work & dedication to live this way. I'm curious where their teen was, though. Little ones love being outside, in the garden…sometimes they lose that joy & wonder as they age. I know I did. Glad I have begun a little garden again now that I'm in my 40's!

  5. I like Happen Films, I think the videos they produce are inspiring, well shot, scripted and edited, and this is a particularly great example of a Happen Films video. But I would find videos that are more instructive to be more helpful in personally enacting the changes that these videos encourage. It's not that the current productions are bad, the contrary, but I find them inspiring in a fairly generic way that I (again, personally) find difficult to put into practice.

  6. Lost, After Sunset

    Moving the mix.
    The side that they see.
    My memory is constructed from my own imagination.
    Assumptions of what they may see.
    Third person.
    Remembering today.
    In a slightly delusional way.
    Earlier, moving the mix.

  7. im cool with the lifestyle but 15k per year on car use? i call bullshit on that…i paid 3k for my little truck…ive been drving it for 3 years….and average 60 dollars fuel a month. 60 dollars a year maintenance 25 a month on insurance and 100 for license plates a year………and to date have made no repairs …ill buy tires this year so ill spend 300 additional dollars on maintenance….. this is a great lifestyle but dont embellish because it makes the story sound like bullshit….

  8. Mom to son: " How did it feel to be you today?"
    Son: "It was beautiful!"

    Best part of the Video for me.
    So often kids are depressed and unhappy simply being who they are.

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