Does Marijuana cause Schizophrenia and Make People Violent? Joe Rogan "Pot" Debate Analysis

Does marijuana have medicinal benefits? Does marijuana cause psychosis and schizophrenia? Does it cause brain damage? Does marijuana make you angry …


  1. Why masssive increases in cannabis use since 1960 haven't led to a rise in schizophrenia prevalence? This alone debunks berensons claims that cannabis can induce schizophrenia.

    There may be a correlation between the illness and heavy marijuana use but that's also the case for tobacco, alcohol and opioids but no one would claim that these things induce the illness. So i don't understand why some people think cannabis does…

  2. Hearing pro-pot people claim marijuana cures everything from cancer, to asthma to glaucoma; is like hearing an African witch doctor telling their patient to have sex with a virgin to cure themselves of HIV/AIDS. People I lived through childhood with who smoked pot are now short-fused nutjobs, they go psycho easily & are triggered by the most petty of things. I've seen friends who smoke marijuana get cancer, so this claim it "cures" is just some fantasy from the pro-pot base. I've seen friends who use pot go psycho at friends during parties & this stuff was home grown. I do believe it can relieve pain of terminally ill cancer patients & the plant can be used the same way opiates are used to treat pain, it's already sold as a pharmaceutical called MARINOL which you can get with a prescription from your doctor. But to sit back & smoke it all day every day believing it's some plant of immunity from all diseases is just lies & stupidity. All pro-marijuana peoples' argument is for their grass is "It's better for you than alcohol"; which is a lie as we know & admit there are dangers to alcohol abuse. Pot heads are too naive to know about the dangers of smoking & ingesting marijuana. I've never smoked marijuana, I have seen it destroy people & turn them into crazy people.

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