Cancer Survivor Story – Tom & Peggy – Stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Tom and Peggy’s cancer survivor story began in December 2013, when Tom was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma and Peggy was diagnosed …


  1. How do we get in contact with Tom and Peggy? My wife was recently diagnosed with the same cancer in her mouth. The doctors at this point are recommending removing the entire chin and replacing it with part of her leg bone. The surgery they described would changer her life and appearance completely for the worse. Not to mention the radiation that would follow.

    My youtube channel and website (An American Homestead) helped promote TTAC last year. My wife and I run that company and we have a YT audience of over 74,000.

    We need to talk to someone who can give us some direction. Can you put us in contact with Tom and Peggy? I can't find their contact info anywhere on the internet.

  2. No matter how healthy you think you are, it's important to detox from the environmental toxins, make sure your body is not acidic/nutrional deficiences/inflamation of the body etc. You do that chances of getting cancer lowers

  3. Such an inspiring story!! I hope many people follow your lead and take control of their lives, instead of playing "Russian Roulette" in a weakened compromised state. If a person can come back from what Tom did, wouldn't that be a better promise, than the massive statistics of the drug route not working out….that famous line, "we did everything we could" is the alibi of the medical professional…..interesting how many doctors would not do Chemotherapy before other options have been explored…..ask questions, great advice!

  4. My husband going thru the same thing, stage 4 colon cancer mets to lung, peritoneal and outside liver. Had 18 rounds of chemotherapy, the was put on xeloda. Now he is weak been hospitalized every week since October, and the oncologist says well my chemotherapy didn't cause this. And since he been in and out of the hospital, she says it's out of her hands and keeps pushing hospice. I'm thinking because he is too weak from the chemotherapy poison and they can't make anymore money. Help!!! We have been juicing, rso oil, vit c, d-ribose for lactic acid, frankincense eo, and about to start mistletoe therapy. But, I just can't seem to keep him out of the hospital to do the treatments. Help!!!😱

  5. This is shocking,,and people wonder why they continue with the same old treatments, surgery, chemo , radiation and drugs that dont relly work ,they just kill you or your immune system

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