4 in 1 Evod vape pen starter kit unboxing & review

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  1. Ive got one, its crap with e liquids unless you like mouthfulls of the liquid, that horrible taste she talked about is the eliquids you suck in while using it, it never goes away, and its not good for your health either. its seems to allow more liquid than it can vape , and the access ends up in your mouth. not nice at all.. however it's not to bad with the dry stuff, but you can do a lot better. you get what you pay for at the end of the day. if you pay crap money, you normally get a crap product..

  2. Hi Makayla all the cartridges or wax and dry herb oil u should put some vinegar in the and shake it up to clean them out because vinegar is a grat cleaner. And all those containers will have residue from the factory that could be what tasts like crap, rubber plastic glass even chemicals ect… could easily be in them. I bought a honey straw cilicone w/ glass tip and it tasted bad once I cleaned w/ VIN it was fine

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