Will Illinois legalize recreational marijuana? Lawmakers argue as deadline looms

The effort to legalize recreational marijuana use in Illinois has slowed down considerably as both Republican and Democrat lawmakers believe they may not …


  1. Homelessness went up? I bet it did. But not because of cannabis use directly. Homelessness went up because of the serge of people moving to the state. In return housing became very limited and due to limited housing rent and prices of houses sky rocketed forcing people out on the streets because of lease renewals and the price jumping 50 to 75% more then the previous leases. This is what happens during the process of developing a new industry. It's what i like to all the silicon valley effect.

  2. #Legealize There is nothing to fear don't believe the hype of fear mongering it is not true…The police and doctors and social workers have skin in the game that is why they are telling you lies because they have a money interest in the none legalization not facts but hype if they are asked for solid proof it is here say about what this said and that said not the true factual proof that any of it has been found to be true they have money interest in it and want to keep people criminalized for a harmless plant #StopTheStigmia show the public proof not doctored documents that are telling lies about homelessness and Cannabis they dont tell you the homeless are heroin addicts #Knowthefatcs #Marijuwanasaveslives #Mpp #Norml

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