Why I Refuse to Grow Hemp

Let me explain why I refuse to grow hemp this year. And what I plan to do on our farm instead. It’s going to make for one weird farm business plan. About Gold …


  1. CBD industry is based on myth and make-believe. truth is that THC is amazing medicine and does cure most ailments humans have. CBD is wonderful for stopping seizures in epileptics, is has SOME anti-cancer properties but it is NOT THC and it does NOT have the medical benefites of THC.
    problem is that so many people are SO eager to make money from the sacred plant that they jump on CBD as the panacea which it is not.
    They will assume, presume, pretend, and imply that CBD "does all that THC does but you don't get high" or even that "CBD is the superior medicine" which it is NOT.
    i revcall a few years back an FDA study on 10 'CBD' products revealed that NONE of the products tested contained any CBD.
    The idea that you can all the benefit of THC from CBD is an outright lie.
    i have tried the CBD plants and they are NOT effective for my medical needs, i suspect most people in the CBD industry are frauds, liars and marketing types who could sell sand to Arabs with thier slick patter and plastic smile.

  2. I personally dont think you'll be disappointed with the geese. We have been raising them (Toulouse, White Chinese and Buff Pomeranian) for years and absolutley love them, even more so than our ducks. One thing you should research is the market for goose meat in your area. I know here in TN, it's not as common as in other areas of the country, but heritage turkey, on the other hand, demands top dollar at market. Also, do you plan on withholding a few pairs for future stock or purchasing goslings every year? If you chose to breed your own, you could select for the traits you want most from your flock instead of chancing it every year with a hatchery. Incubating goose eggs can be tricky, but is far from impossible and is amazingly rewarding. I'm glad I just happened upon your channel and look forward to seeing what's in store for your farm. If you ever need any help with the geese, I'd be happy to share what they've taught me over the years. Good luck with your newest endeavor!

  3. I think you've thought this out nicely. Infrastructure and finding demand takes time and money but building on something you already know is an easier position to start from. What do you think would be the thing you'd add to make your life easier with the larger number of animals?

  4. Will you need to add a freezer or two, or do you sell them all fresh? Those guys are big to store 🙂 Do you buy both male and female/straight run? Already hatched? Do you process everything before the "bad" weather sets in? How many months is that? Do they lay enough eggs that it would be reasonable to keep some breeding trios? What sex are the couple you have? Are there choices in breeds? I'm actually sure that you will be answering these questions as time goes on. It will make a good playlist 🙂

  5. I think I would get 20 dollars worth of hemp seed and grow it just to see how that goes. It's supposed to be a pretty good cover crop. I wonder if it could be forage for your geese. And a hoop house would come in quite handy for whatever you do. But I think i would water my water situation set first.

  6. Great video Morgan. I love the idea of raising geese. You will have to elaborate on what breed you plan, if you are going to keep breeder geese, and exactly how much food they eat. Geese is one of the costliest meets which is raised on grass. Can't wait for future videos. 👍

  7. I think it’s smart of you to forego the hemp operation right now, but I’m not so sure about the geese. I guess you like the ducks, so maybe it will be right up your alley. I just can’t help but think they might destroy your land and leave a stinky gross mess everywhere. I hope your wife is on board with it and I hope it turns out well for you!

  8. Out here in Oregon the CBD market is so saturated some friends of ours say that it has a tighter margin than hay! That is in a place where it is grown in the sun and not even in greenhouses. Good choice on the geese, they will graze like sheep. Plus they are better on the environment than hemp which is super nutrient dependent. Great video ~ Katie

  9. Glut on marijuana products in the west here. A lot of growers and dispensaries are struggling, even closing down. The idea you have for the geese sounds smarter. Build on what you know how to do already strengthens your farm. This will be interesting and I hope you find the better way to produce them you were talking about.

  10. You're gonna get some crossbred ducks there at 11:02 😛

    Well, glad to hear this decision; as you know from that email I sent you, that was my conclusion as well. If you ever try muscovy ducks, they can survive off forage too (not grass alone, but grass and bugs and fruit and such), and they're a good bit quieter than both geese and mallard ducks 😉 Of course if you try and get self-sustainable with geese (as in breed your own goslings each spring) there's a winter feed cost for the geese too, they'll need feed/grain brought in just the same as ducks. Still, producing food seems like a more worthy enterprise than producing a sale commodity that can't feed people; I know you're a farm business and not a farmstead, but I think that's the reason I'm most happy by this decision.

    While I agree with the decision, one of your numbers caught my eye; $5k for a hoophouse seems high. Maybe if you purchase a pre-built hoophouse with installation, or if it's 50'x100' or something enormous like that, but I built mine (13'x48') for $1500 CAD, and while there's room for improvement on it because I hadn't built one before and consequently learned some things, you could build one for way, way less than $5k. Some of the modifications I'd make might bring my cost up to $2k CAD, but I can also source cheaper lumber now so end of day my cost might not change that much if I were to build an upgraded hoophouse… anyway, not sure you need one now with the decision to do geese but if you decide you need one to progress as a tree nursery or for your gardening needs we can chat about that more later 🙂

  11. Good choice I think Morgan. Producing good quality food, in my mind, is always the better option. I've never really understood the rationale for using prime agricultural land for growing hemp. Good luck with the geese!

  12. Morgan it's always interesting to hear what you've been up to…today is no exception! If you want a crash course in Goose Management just come down to LI and take a walk at some of our State Parks! We have goose problems all over and it boggles my mind that no hunting season has ever been tried! It's not like you need a gun or bow, just pick up rocks and you've got a great chance at landing yourself a free meal! Goose vs Duck, hmmmm, bigger bird…. bigger poop! LI was once the premier provider of gourmet Duck, hence the Long Island Ducks baseball franchise or for those old timers the NHL team that once played on Long Island also The Ducks! Duck farming eventually ended because of the negitive environmental impact it had on the tidal streams and ponds. I'm not sure what scale you'd have to grow to for profitability but have you considered the Goose Poop aspect of the endeavor? I'm thinking it's the Sh#&y part of the deal! Keep up the good work, I'm always curious as to where your heading next!

  13. Let me tell you the truth if you dig deep enough you can find the proof that CBD is a scam Yea CBD is good for your body but its not the power of the cannabis plant that heals you it's the thc that is the powerful substance . F D A does not want us healed they want us sick so they can make trillons off our sickness. They are going on and on about CBD to keep you away from the THC oil. God gave us the recipe to make oil to heal the creatures body in Exodus 30;22-25. You can even listen to Rick Simposon the man who healed his cancer with THC oil not fucking cbd bullshit. Making cbd oil to heal you is like making water down meds.  don't know this for sure but im thinking when God gave Moses the recipe to make the oil there was males and seeds mix in it so im thinking that having the males and seeds mix in the oil will help the best! my wife has just gotten cancer so im about to find out about the males and seeds. I

  14. Goose meat…who knew? 🙂
    Hey Morgan, really enjoying the podcasts too! I can’t believe you’ve spoke with the same channels I follow. Not to surprising, as we’re all like minded about homesteading. Have you connected Al Lumnah? – I think he’d be a great interview. Jess and Serina were terrific – like minded, yet very different – well done. 😀🇨🇦

  15. That is probably the most thought out decision I'll see him the internet today! Kudos to you for thinking it through and not going for the shiny penny just because it's the shiny penny.

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