1. You starting talking about lumens and how you should buy lights on lumens not watts. But then how lumens is what people see and plants need the opposite? Can someone please help me with this I’m having a hard time finding a good light and this lumen, watt, color temp, is killing me right now. So can higher lumens actually be less blue and red light?

  2. As of today… You want to be useing Samsung quantum boards or cree cbx3950 cobs.. There are other proprietary led cobs and boards made by a number of companies.. The best of those companies are from the west coast and have their stuff made in china or inhouse. There are a slew of garbage LED lights on the market and thos should be avoided. I quality led will have an actual watt draw rating and will cost 400-1000 dollars. For a small space. To do larger areas like a 4×4 or larger you'll need to spend 800-3000 dollars for a good quality 1000 hps replacement and it will have an actual watt draw of at leist 450 watts to 800 real actual watts. 600 and up in actual watts usually replace a 1200 watt double ended hps or will flower a 6×6 area and veg a 7.5×7.5 area in terms of growing cannabis.

    I use HLG 600-H V2 DIY fixtures. They cost 900 dollars in 2019 and will flower a 6×6 useing 616-620 actual watts on my meter. You save a couple hundred by building them at home. Ita easy. HLC is making the best LED grow lights for the money.

  3. Closet expert ext. Since 1992 right here!! What do you want to know… I'm from the days of 750 watt football shaped MH over controler type ebb and flow Hydro. My dad was an early indoor grower from the 80s and high times was out outlet to equipment and griw knowledge. Then the Jeorge Cervantas books and publications… Then came the internet and you tube..

  4. I was wondering even by growing them by seed do you need a plant light because I bought a LED or 20 from Walmart believe it's red or purple 50w 450-650nm non dimmable medium base shatter resistant LED some of the seeds are good to go and some of them leaves to be indoors I was wondering if I'm doing something right or if I'm going the wrong way

  5. I liked and subbed but you gotta learn to summarize and edit. I had to watch at 2x speed. What is best for indoor herbs? And green non-food plants? Jesus I gotta wade through that again?

  6. Could you please make a video with upside down lighting?
    I would suggest to use about 5x 1 feets of cheap ribbon LED found on Ebay. Lay them just above soil, LED facing up.
    Once the plant has grow one feet, add a second layer of ribbon LED, 10 cm above the soil, LED facing down.
    Once the plant has grow again, add a third layer of ribbon, 10 cm above soil, LED facing up.
    My hypothesis is that the plant will grow bushier sice it doesn't have to cover distance to get the best illumination.

  7. the green color does not exist is a mixture of blue and yellow. the plant does not reflect green in blue and yellow reflective band together there are only 3 colors in the world blue to yellow and red.

  8. I use a 100w CFL at five inch distance , two 20 w LEDs and a 60 w LED flood light on Four plants at a 10 inch distance. Seedlings didn’t “reach” and fall over like my last crop when I didn’t have this much light.

  9. You left out Aquarium plants. A multimillion dollar business. What LED aftermarkets grow them AND bring out colors of the fish and plants? I get the feeling 6500K as for floodlights ain't going to cut it in the looks dept,over hundreds of dollars of ornamental plants.

  10. 1500 PAR is too much for weed. Basically more than 1000 is useless without an aditional CO2. Optimum for good growth is 600-900 in flowering, 400-600 through veg and 300-400 seedlings & early veg.

  11. plants cant see green, in cannabis gardens, they use green lights in the dark light cycle to check there plants without causing any light stresses, it doesnt mess with the flowering photosynthesis stage

  12. 14:35 "plants see the opposite of what we do". that's no coincidence! it's due to the evolution of primate vision.

    humans can differentiate more shades of green than any other color. thanks for blowing my mind.

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