1. I loved each and every madeas plays, and movies if you didn't get the message he was sending you need to rewatch because, it was a message hidden in each one. Love you Tyler

  2. Oh oh my God! Mr. Perry's play character is unbelievable in many good ways you can think of!! When ever I remember his funny characters, it makes me laughing and l laugh a day long!! His funny sweet characters could be use for stress reduction and it should work perfectly. Not to mention his actions, just watching it gives you more joy than you can even imagine. I drive more joy from his funny characters ❤❤💜💙

  3. Some people don't know a talented professional person When they see them Tyler Perry is the best I love all his movies and I hope he continues his good work he is a very aspiring an intelligent person God bless him and let God bless his work love you Tyler Perry

  4. I would love to see Tyler Perry's Madea in a movie with carrol Burnette momma from mama family, martin lawrence big momma and Mrs. Browns Boys Agnes Brown all together in a movie together running away from a russian terrorist cause Madea has proof of trump working with russia

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