1. In Canada, Trudeau has legalized pot and nobody got freed, police have more power to oppress Black and Indigenous folks and it's illegal to smoke in pubic space.

  2. being realistic is not pessimistic, being realistic is being honest and truthful, direct and straightforward, and if we begin to view those two values as pessimistic, it can be problematic and toxic, the ignorance in our communities is from trying to put a positive spin on things without first viewing from a clear lens. we can only be positive by negation and peeling back the layers through a thorough process. sister spoke her piece and had place to say so in being real. optimism in reality is only genuine to the person who is authentic, addressing the reality, bringing awareness to the actuality.

  3. I really appreciated this discussion as someone trying to break into the industry. Mary (white turtleneck) and others seated there have a wealth of knowledge on the subject– but i got exactly what Flow (varsity jacket) was saying! We are all coming to the table with different knowledge and when we SHARE we need to be conscious of what others may lack in knowledge. I know some of ya are mad that ya had to be the maverick's until we all caught up… but please stop yelling at us Mary loll

  4. It’s truly disgusting how white people will now monopolize this industry and try to keep us out!!! They done gentrified the weed and will still refer to us as ghetto criminals. This is America. Take everything from us while criminalizing us. They just don’t want us to own anything like black Wall Street… okay I’m done😞

  5. I don’t smoke… But it seems like a lot of black ppl (at least in my state Ohio) are against it because of the regulations(the amounts you can grow in home… possess… and “gift”)… they wanna get rich and it’s not likely anytime soon… there’s no tunnel vision… yes these white folk are being greedy but we gotta think past the money… think about how many ppl won’t be getting locked up because of petty weed charges. And most ppl aren’t big drug lords far as weed… so it’s a start.

  6. Jimmy is needed for conversations like this. He had so many ready to respond. And, also he is not wrong about the effects of drug dealers. However, he should also not that the most dangerous drugs like crack-cocaine were distributed by the CIA into poor black communities under the Raegan administration. Also, black people were hunted like dogs, and even referred to as such, over drug potential drug arrests. He should not use his own experience as a pack mule to syphon attention away from the overarching conversation.

  7. GREAT PANEL! One thing that wasn't discussed and I need us to include in this conversation is the ENTIRE scope of the weed profits. The reason it's a multi-billion dollar industry isn't just from casual users smoking – it's the pharmaceutical companies using the plant to make medicines for cancer, depression, anxiety, autism, etc. The pharmaceutical and scientific applications will be where the real money is made IMO and I need us in on THAT money as well – not just from casual smokers!

  8. I don’t like how these white own marijuana dispensaries come in to Black and Brown communities without a license in places like South LA and now marijuana is majority white own in California.

  9. I haven't watched the video but I can't imagine how it wouldn't be an echo chamber since almost 100% of black people under 40 support legalization of marijuana. Now if they brought my grandma on the panel then they'd get some pushback

  10. is marjuna the topic we should be talking about for the presidential election next year or absence on black fathers in d house 70 percent on black women are single mothers during jim crow it was 25 percent what has changed we are more free than ever before but we just make the stupidest choices we as a black community should focus on what we can change within ourselves before going to d white patriarchy as our excuse we have a lot of work to do before we start changing others bias and discrimination.

  11. Next time talk about Global Low Birth rates in first world countries like Europe, America, Australia, and how that's affecting minorities with Alt Right attacks and deportation and such.

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