Stone Cold Steve Austin on Why he Prefers Drinking Beer to Smoking a Joint

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  1. And I can relate to feeling a little down. I'd recommend a sativa joint it's a little bit more of an upper but you still get a buzz. But it's different from a low slow Indica which I think is what you had and why it smells so strong. Much love Austin.

  2. I would hand him a drink and instead of a joint a California cigar with some weed like a blunt. But that's literally a Sunday afternoon Tok with a drink cuz they're going to need time to wear off

  3. this is funny
    pot saves lives, alcohol kills many drinking driving u name it,
    I enjoy lots of beer , not much liquor, but i've been smoking pot since 2010
    it taught me alot mental and physical , not for everyone , its very potent now days medical use
    in az here

  4. Austin should try an edible form of medical marijuana or a vape pen, something with THC and CBD, he might enjoy it better. He should also get a medical marijuana card, that way he'd be able to talk with someone who could answer his questions and help him understand what he's taking and how it could help him. Smoking a joint of medical grade marijuana when you don't smoke or know anything about what you're smoking is a slippery slope.

  5. I used to love weed and smoked it for years but it started to make me paranoid and think too much and it became not too fun. Bums me out because I really miss it but I guess my brain doesn't like it anymore. I don't drink much anymore so now I just live life sober which is fine but I sure do miss the smoke. It just doesn't work anymore I still have my nice double percolator glass bong and pipes that haven't been used in over eight years. They are now trophy

  6. Steve Austin is exactly the same as me. Weed also makes me feel like shite. Don't have a problem with people who are into it though. Hence, beer has always been my go too. I've cut down drinking a tonne, but his story here is funny as shite. Indeed, he's a truly funny guy.

  7. If I had the chance to smoke with my hero as a kid I'm bringing a brand new Skull shaped bong. I happen to hate joints and imo my opinion is the worst way to smoke. I love my beer, whiskey and rum too but give me a drink and a bong rip and the problems of the world disappear for a night πŸ’€πŸ‘

  8. you gotta take a rip off a bong Steve. To be fair, it's something I got into for pain relief. I live out in The Netherlands now [formerly Arizona] , and ever since I moved out here, I've been smoking weed for pain reasons. And hey, I get you with a good beer buzz you feel like you can take the world, but remember man, Weed's for when you want to just chill out. Find a good little bong, some decent quality weed, I recommend a white widow strain, and just, rip and chill man. I think given some time, it'd grow on ya.

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