1. I started watching ur videos last year and helped me start a lawn business and I made 11,000 dollars and I’m only 13 and everyone said I couldn’t do it but I listened to u and now I almost have enough money to buy my own car also before I stated watching u I was thinking about committing suicide then I started watching u and u cheered me up I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH I love u Brian

  2. All I got to say is Mike Andes Help my business get started the right way and I just got started a month ago and I'm learning a lot from all you guy here in this lawn care community thanks for all the information that helps the new Guy get started off right….

  3. This is gold coming from a veteran. I'm on my last couple weeks of active duty service and I'm floored guys this content is worth more than a million bucks and even more then that your time. Time has no dollar amount. I've saved this video and I've shared it with my partner and close lawn care companies. Its 2330 here so kinda late but man I'm so ready to take this information and put it to use. Thanks !!!!!

  4. Solid advise always a good thing and wish to appreciate these video clips confirmation of focusing on what the end goal or Target of your outfit from the start. Much better chances of actually accomplishing with a good team – very good points guys! Send me a book plz,

  5. Yep, time and money go hand in hand and they are the most precious commodities. If you don't have the money to buy that item, you may have to build it and so on. (Example-I built shelf, trimmer rack, and cabinet for the inside of my enclosed trailer.)

  6. Great video! I am in year one of running my business full time. Retired from the Army in 2017 and have been growing my company on weekends. Hoping to hit 80 clients this year. Couldnt have done it without all the great info you, Brians Lawn Maintenance, Florida Turf Pros, and Blades of Grass put out. Awesome resources!

  7. That’s a lot of useful information that anyone can use in any business really. Great video! Always good to have multiple avenues of resources and information to grow yourself as well as your business. Thanks

  8. Totally Enjoy both of you guys , I got into Lawn Care for my son who at the time was a 18 year old who had graduated from school and was following his love of Hockey playing Junior Hockey in Vancouver when he was injured and things went side ways for him .Over a period of 7 months he was very sick on a daily basis could not return to Hockey , could not go to College or Hold down a Job. So I started a lawn care company for him to allow him a chance to work when he was able , he was very sick boy most days but looked forward to getting out and cutting lawns , in the beginning we only did 3 lawns per week. He was eventually diagnosed with Crohns Disease, he had surgery and recovered well , we kept doing lawns together for 10 years on a part time basis , he returned to college and i continued doing lawns now by myself part time and until i retired 4 years ago. I only wish i had YouTube to turn to when starting out , a great source of info . My business has grown to a full time job , now employees 3 to 4 people and steadily growing. I only wish i started sooner , i enjoy this more than the 36 years i spent at my career before retirement.
    Great Job Mike and Brian a inspiration to me and many thousands of others willing to start a business .

  9. Great video! It all seems like solid advice. I'd like to launch my lawn care business as soon as I get out of college. I'm actually having trouble keeping it small enough to balance work and school

  10. I’m 14 and I’m in basketball soccer, and track. Although sometimes it is true when you’re younger you have time, I don’t. I balance all of these and still go to sleep at 12. But my business is my baby.

  11. Went to Africa and came back and decided this medical system is a problem so you cant be a doctor? Sounds like a bunch of BS, they don't even have food in africa what the hell could be worse here than there. I don't think you were ready to hack it dude.

  12. Keep looking up Brian, when you're at the bottom there's only one way to go, UP, and with a mentor like Mike you'll definitely get better. I love his drive. I surround myself with ambitious people with positive attitudes I'm putting him in the circle now too

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