1. Wisecrack: "You don't even have to be rolling in dough"

    Vincero: "Our cheapest watch is $119."

    Jesus, you could get a cheap smartphone with a few months' service from Target for the same price. That tells the time just the same

  2. > its terrible the media comericalises tradgedy

    > Now our video on tragedies and philosphy brought to you by our corprate sponsor

    > talks about Randy protecting his integrity against corporations

    > Has the balls to say people trying to protect their integrity are full of shit because they need to make themselves feel better about whoring themselves out to a fuck tonne of different corporations

  3. I saw the episode as satire about how people are overly flipping out about school shootings, like they are all happening in a tiny town, vs a massive country where it's still more likely a child be struck by lightning than shot in a school shooting.

  4. Anyone else notice that "South Park" used to be rated 18 + in Canada, but is now rated 14 +? Are the rating systems simply just more accepting of South Park's humor, or are the writers on more of a leash now? It seems that something changed ever since they basically took it off of Canada's Comedy Central channel, and then started airing it on CTV, and "Much Music" in Canada. lol. Maybe I'm wrong though. I don't know if it's still on Comedy Central in the U.S., because I don't live there.

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