1. This BS has been going on since Leary V US , where the Supreme Court ruled the Marijuana Tax act of 1937 was unconstitutional because it required self incrimination and Nixon and his cronies just changed the law to the controlled substance act . And marijuana a schedule one drug because they could make felones out of minorities and an age group to suppress their vote. Why do you think cocain in the powder form was only schedule two ? That was the drug of wall Street and the rich, then they made Crack cocain a schedule one because it was prevalent in inner cities , more felonies less voting . Now we have the issue with opiods and the government is crying crisis because it's hitting suburbia. A rich man goes to rehab and a poor man goes to jail.

  2. This is what the Old Timey PEACE OFFICERS/County Sheriffs used to say:
    "Billy-bob, if I see your wife with another black eye, I'm gonna black BOTH yours! You hear me, Boy!?"
    "Jenny, I'm gonna drive you home, and I'll be right there with you while we talk things over with your folks. It ain't safe for you out this late. I know how tuff it is to be a teenager."
    "Harry, git in my car! You're too drunk to drive a tricycle. You can walk back 'n git your truck tomorrow."
    "Hey Punk! Yeah PUNK! That's what I called ya! You don't haveta drop out. I just came from the Truant Officer. SHE called me. Folks CARE about you! You're smarter than that! You wanna be poor all your life by "acting cool?" Toss the Chewin and work a little at it. Two more semesters and you graduate! You can do it! I KNOW you can! Make your folks proud. By-the-way, there ain't nothing cooler than being a U.S. Marine, but you gotta graduate first!"
    "Listen Crap-for-Brains! I KNOW you boosted Old Man Scudder's calves. You were spotted at the Sale Barn the night they sold, and you had party money the next 3 days. You BETTER HAVE A JOB next time you go partying! Savvy?"
    "Mrs. Barnes, please. I can't jail your husband for 30 days for being at Miss Floosey's Saloon last night! Let him sleep it off and next time I promise I'll bring him back Home by his scrawny neck and YOU can work him over! I can tell ya, he's a LOT more scared of YOU than he is ME!"
    "Yes, Miss Jessy, your taillights are BOTH out! Hunny, don't argue with me! Git outta your car and SEE FOR YOURSELF! Just git Jack down at the Station tomorrah to fix them and everything'll be just fine!"
    "That's right, ASSHOLES. You light that Cross on fire, me and my Boys are gonna bust all 16 of you! And we know who are, dummies, we drove past your TRUCKS! Yeah, our 4 man-jail cells will get pretty darn CROWDED but I guaren-dam-tee you-all, we'll cram every last swinging ** in! You aint gonna terrify NOBODY on MY Watch! The Charge? Oh, I'll think of something. How about Arson/Starting a Forest Fire/Inciting a Riot/Hate Crimes/Playing with Matches for starters?"
    "Now go Home, burn those stupid bed-sheets and get to sleep! You-all got work tomorrah!"
    "I heard that, Johnny Beasley! You wanna vote me outta office, FINE! But I'm yo DADDY for two more years, now BEAT IT!"

  3. hey ,i want you to ask a cop a question, cops are the 16 th most dangerous job, ask why the other 15 professions don’t whine like babies about their safety, forestry workers, electrical workers , even a garbage man has less chance of making it home to his family safely
    besides who would miss a few cops anyway?? not this guy

  4. Dear Amanda: It's 6:48 AM here in beautiful Manalapan, NJ. I have started the day properly: potent cannabis, and a hearty mug of dark roast. All good until I saw this. I can't get my mind around it and it killed my buzz! So-you pay taxes and admit up front you're doing something illegal. Doesn't it immediately start an intensive investigation, up to and possibly including a cavity search? Does not compute. Does not compute.

  5. Pink Camera Magic – so during lunch someone made a fun argument, does the state become a de facto conspirator to your federally criminal behavior by collecting taxes on federally illegal items, so if you got arrested for it, they could be considered part of your criminal enterprise since you were paying dues to the boss of the organization… I mean if they are aware of your unlawful actions, participated in profiting from them, and forced compliance to it…

  6. I understand the marijuana laws and history including the tax laws(some), but I just can not understand this video. Right from you< PCM< going in to pay this tax and all the goons around you. I don't get it at all. I'm sure I am just missing the point, but please enlighten me some.

  7. So do you only have to pay taxes on it if you are buying it? I’m not exactly sure what is happening. If it’s not legal, why do they charge taxes on it and what do you do with the stamps? I’m so confused 😬😖😬

  8. What is your point? You like giving the government free money? You want the police to kick your door down at 4 A.M.? You are practicing up in case MJ ever becomes legal in Illinois?

  9. Think about this pink camera Magic if you're going to pay for it you're condoning what they're doing!!!!!!! You're trying to show people how stupid it is what they're doing but yet you're condoning what they're doing by paying for it makes a lot of sense they're stupid and you're stupid

  10. PINK CAMERA MAGIC, Aren't you the one that was making fun of a homeless woman???? She was carrying a mattress because apparently she didn't have anywhere to sleep and somebody made a comment about her being a w** and you thought that was funny you thought that that was great on her for being a smart woman for carrying her workplace with her????? YEAH,THAT WAS YOU!!!!!!!!

  11. No I.D. required ?
    So now if you were to be caught with a little , then what ?
    Show your tax stamps & they take it as evidence too along with the weed ?
    ( I wouldn't suggest testing that ) & last , your house has not been raided yet ?
    of course they have no problem with taking money , for any reason !

  12. Most of the commenters don't understand that the tax stamp law is just there so you can catch another charge for not having them on your weed. They don't make your weed legal and they know full well that most people won't buy the stamps.

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