Micro Grow Season 4 Episoide 3 Lets Talk Training pt 2 and Transplanting

A month after the last video. The plants NEED to come out of the cups. So I transplanted the best one. Also Started training in the final micro no till pot.


  1. omg…i would start over…those are so stressed..stop cutting your plants!
    You should be taking cuttings from your plants your about to put into flower, never take cuttings from a plant this small. cheers. they are in need of NPK or to close to light and maybe over water stress

  2. Hey dan ive been watching your videos i have a littlr setup like yours i had 2 plants in it. One of then died the leaves one day when i checked on it the leaves were really droopy down. Tbe next day it dried out and now its been 2 weeks and the survivor plany started curing and gettimg darker spots in some black it doesnt look dry. the buds are just starting to pop up i see alot of hairs. Its gettinh more droppu by thr day i thought i was burninh kt cause its so small so.i only left one light in and i think it helped i jist dont knkw what to do you think you could help me i don't want this to go to waste spent alot of.time and money. Humidity is fine and temperature is around 20 22 degrees cel

  3. Try 13 off 11 on next time. If you have them near a window, you need to set the timer to correspond with the outside light as close as you can. Just make sure they all go dark at the same time

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