Increasing Efficiency (And Production) At Amplified Farms with Fluence LEDs

Amplified Farms partnered with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to compare the energy use and production performance of Fluence SPYDRx …


  1. Fluence has the best spread on the market by far no doubt. That is why i bought one. For Veg. I will never use led for flower. I can yield more off one plant under a 600w hps (25gallon) than they are getting under 8 plants per led. this is asinine to think this is efficient in any means possible. But to each their own growing techniques. Does not mean they dont produce a good light. Fluence you need to include what size the Diodes are and how much power they pull. Where exactly the diodes are manufactured. ALL THE INFORMATION TO CONSUMERS. and stop using WATTS to compare with LEDs….EDUCATE PEOPLE…dont just sell them. you will be officially ahead of everyone by a generation if you do that.

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