Hemp Farm Harvest 2017

Hemp Farm is delighted to share this beautiful video of our 2017 harvesting with you, featuring hemp fibre and hurd decorticating. Decortication: the act or …


  1. Comercial Hemp is about to be completely legal in the US, I love it. The Police better find some other uses for the expensive toys like helicopters and aircraft, that the War on Drugs has given them, and really hope this doesn't cut into their pensions.

  2. Fun texture, lets all press the old bean jar for pepper Ghanji, and with a pinch of Mimosa bark, the fix of foil and vermiculite rot, maybe its a sprite….or nice chord, I bet its not very "paltry" ! Fun!

  3. 1930's: Wait what we can make 4 times as much paper per acre then trees with hemp, but I invested in tree paper for my news papers, quick pump out article after article calling hemp evil and exterminate every plant on north america! ILLEGAL!!!

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