1. Advertise pro oil we are a great shop work on alot of awesome cars with awesome customers can send pics of the type of cars coming through everything from John deere porch Ls swapped miatas 700whp vettes 53 chiefton

  2. Honestly would pickup a used ST instead. You can find one with fairly low mileage for 12-15k and prices for a ST won't skyrocket like they will for a RS. There are soo many STs on the road today that you will not struggle to get a good price on one. And not to mention the crazy aftermarket. And if you are crying about no awd, buy a WRX. Can get a used current gen for about half the price of this and afford to get that engine built past the power of this.

  3. Ford must be stopping production in your area bro, I’m a mechanic for ford, It’s only gnarly huge engines that will be stopped in production, look out for ford hybrid cars in the future!

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