Fishnure Organic Fish Manure Compost Giveaway ** ENDED **

This giveaway has ended and the winners are being notified. Fishnure is an excellent organic fertilizer for providing nutrients for hot peppers, gardens, lawn or …


  1. Hey man look up alfalfa meal if your getting into organic. Alfalfa has a enzyme that increases growth and its super cheap. Its horse food! Get it at a feed or pet shop. Friggin love the channel 😁🌢😁🌢😁🌢

  2. Having trouble entering the givaway. There is no link active on the sight. Love the vids tho Rob! And please keep the music coming! I love how unique you are man, never change!!

  3. Will be very cool to see which one will grow better ! Boy I could use a bag of that so I'm on my way to enter ! My poor plants not doing good at the moment. I got to go and get some potting soil today so I can try to save them tomorrow. Have a great weekend you guys ! Dat daa πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‹

  4. Great video as always rob!!!! I get so excited when you post new vids lol!!!! That’s really great to know because in my 3rd year of growing, I’ve ALWAYS been all organic but like most…. I can’t stand the smell of fish emulsion !!!!!! Def gonna give it a try!!!!!

  5. Thanks Rob. I spent some time reviewing the content on their website over this last weekend. It looks like a great product and would like to give it a try this year at plant out.

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