Dangers of Flakka – The Hulk Drug- Explained (With Real Footage)

So Flakka which is also known as ‘Gravel’ or the ‘Devils drug’ is a new generation bath salt drug which resulted in hospitals in Florida seeing a rise in patients …


  1. First off it is not imaginary, if they are actually performing these Feats of Strength, this stuff give them such an adrenaline rush, that it does physically increase their ability, to do superhuman type actions. And one other thought or comment about why these people start to hallucinate and have episodes of paranoia, it is definitely what the chemicals do to the body, but it's mainly that it does not allow the body to properly rest or sleep, and after three or four or five days of no sleep, you will suffer from sleep deprivation, which if you stay up that long, it don't matter if you had any drugs in your system, you're going to start seeing stuff that is not there

  2. What the Flakka? People ! Spend time lifting yourself out of the 💩 life you have! Help & volunteer in your community to help others. I taught my children, always leave it better than you found it! They are now amazing adults who help others💜 I am proud.

  3. Lmao if you guys think this drug is bad just wait for what the future has in stock 😂Captain america serums,hulk juice ,Super man senses 😂will all be on the market by 2055 I'm 19 now I'll be 56 then.

  4. Thank you for explaining what this drug is,! I live in Canada Nova Scotia,and for the first time ever I had seen a lady who was on it she acted just like everyone on them video s, I thought I m safewe won't get that stuff her well I was very wrong and it's here.

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