Cannabis questions: teens get answers

With legalization on the way, many young Canadians are curious about marijuana. Two teens get answers on everything they want to know about pot. To read …


  1. Very interesting I like the "Tell the Truth part," one of the things about "weed" being prohibited for so long is that all these "mysteries," and "fantasies," build up around weed. It becomes the "cure all be all," to some and the "straight path to Hell," for others. Myself I'm an intelligent person and for myself was not very difficult to get the truth from the Internet, news sources, medical reports from a variety of studies. Neither do the people who know these things and see the time for "weeds" legality.
    The mention of THC percentage was such a good example of "mysteries and fantasies," Alcohol goes from about 5 percent in beer to 40% in Hard Liquor. THC levels are much lower and produce a stronger effect at much lower percentages than compared with Alcohol.
    So maybe the biggest problem we face with the legalization of "weed" are the "fantasies and mysteries," from the crime of it (weed) being illegal for so long.

  2. Great job on informing the public CBC, you chose a cop whose dumber than George Green. Good thing you didn't tell those kids any of the medicinal benefits and continue to demonize the plant as only a recreational drug along the lines of alcohol. What an absolute disgrace.

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